A better logistics experience with PostNord Portal Business.

Your control tower for logistics, deliveries and e-commerce

  • Buy shipping from your business
  • Book pickup for your shipping
  • Automatically track shipments to and from your company
  • Detailed reporting and statistics
  • Handle all your PostNord invoices and claims
  • Easily reach PostNord Customer Service
  • Change shipments en-route
  • Notify your customers

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A selection of the services and features of the Portal

The Portal is full of features and services to give you maximum control over your business with the help of PostNord.

Skicka Direkt Business

Order shipping quick and easy with our shipping tool, Skicka Direkt Business.

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Time to upgrade from Pacsoft Online – It only takes 5 minutes

PostNord’s old shipping tool, Pacsoft Online, has almost completely been phased out – but all Pacsoft users already have an account ready and waiting for them in Skicka Direkt Business! All you need to do is activate it and get started – we’ll even help you configure your account.

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Track & Trace

Complete control of all packages – track your outgoing and returned shipments. With Track & Trace you can always see where your shipments are and where they’re going. You can also customize and adjust specific searches to always keep an eye on select types of shipments that are important to you.

Automatic tracking all the way to the customer

Automated notifications

You can notify customers using your own brand and language. That way you can build a deeper relationship with your customers. With notifications your customers stay informed about their packages and the customer experience is improved during and after the purchase. Through automated e-mails and SMS you can reduce costs related to returns and deliveries.

The right message at the right time


A holistic view of all your deliveries and shipment statuses. The dashboard gives you an overview of:

  • All your shipments in a given period
  • Simply select the dates in the date field
  • By clicking on the elements of the overview, details are shown through Track & Trace


You can extract quality reports for given time periods, specific client numbers, and products. You can export the following reports:

  • Quality report for a given time period, customer number and product
  • Environmental report for PostNord Parcel, Pallets and Letters
  • Pallet balance report for a specific period and client number


Manage your claims:

  • Choose the shipment you wish to make a claim for, then select ‘Action’ and ‘Create claim’
  • You can view the status of created claims in the Claims tab
  • You can view ongoing and closed claims as well as statistics


Invoice management and statistics

  • Here you get a complete overview of your invoices
  • Status for which invoices are paid and unpaid
  • Access to invoice specifications in Excel

Create send-outs

Create and send newsletters, invitations and other send-outs straight from your computer to the customer’s post box. You can also create and send electronic invoices.

We help you with selection, purchasing addresses, print production and distribution. Choose between un-addressed direct advertisement (ODR) or addressed direct advertisement (ADR) in the formats post card, flyer or enveloped letter. Do you already have a ready print? Then you can easily make a booking via the tool.

For physical products we print on environmentally friendly paper close to your recipients to avoid unnecessary transports and spare the environment together.

Go to Create send-out in the portal
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Manage user accounts

You can add or remove user accounts.

You decide the permissions of the various user accounts, or can terminate them completely.

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Customer service messages

Get in touch with and receive help from PostNord’s customer service in the portal. Here, you can inform us if something goes wrong or ask about our product selection.

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