Automatic notifications to your customers based on delivery events

To use Notifications, ask an administrator for your company in PostNord Portal Business to visit the Notification tab in the left menu of the portal

Do as thousands of companies in the Nordic region

  • Get happier customers with custom notifications
  • Easily create rules for messages
  • SMS notification and email notification
  • Opportunity for additional sales
  • Reduce the burden on customer service


Now we contact the customers - not the other way around.
The minute after a failed delivery we know about it and contact our customer.

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Why are Notification important?

Notifications are a powerful tool for creating a good relationship with your customers. A customer who has ordered an item and receives tailored and well-timed notifications feels more taken care of.

With good notifications, you create a nice shopping experience and lay the foundation for a long-term and good customer relationship. Your customers come back to a greater extent and feel safe shopping with you.

How do you send Notifications?

In the Notifications module, you can easily create templates for the messages you want to send to your customers. There you can easily enter different rules for when a certain notification should be sent. When the condition is met, a notification is automatically sent to the customer via SMS or email. You don’t have to do anything yourself!

What is the difference between Notifications and alerts in Track & Trace tool?

With Portal Premium, you get access to both customization of notifications, and rules for when notifications should be sent. This is a major upgrade from the prescribed notifications you can send manually via Track & Trace in standard Portal Business.

Save time by not having to send the messages manually. You just create your templates and set the logic. Then everything is sent automatically.

Keep your customer extra updated by setting up notifications for events beyond the ones they usually get notified about.

Communicate with your own style and logo type by writing your message texts yourself and inserting one or more logos for your brands.

Save money by preventing cases that lead to charges for you – e.g. through an extra reminder to pick up the package from an agent before it is returned.

What kind of Notifications can I use?

In PostNord Portal Business, there are two ways to deliver notifications – email and SMS:

Email notification

Sending out an email with information to the customer about various shipping events is easy. In addition to everyone having an e-mail address, this notification method provides the opportunity to send extra information and offers to the customer in a very cost-effective way.

SMS notification

With SMS notification, you increase the chance that your customers will actually see your message. Some e-mail programs and services block incorrect e-mail sending, and then it can be nice to know that the notification can also be delivered via SMS. Some customers may also find that it is easier to accept an SMS than an email.

You choose yourself which type of message should go out to the customer in connection with entering rules for your notifications. Of course, you can also choose to send both SMS and email notifications.

Use ready-to-go notifications

-or build your own

Remind receiver to pick up parcel before it is sent back

Reduce return costs

Reduce your return costs by notifying customers to pick up their parcels before they are returned due to the agent’s storage time expiring.

Contact the receiver when parcel has been delivered

Contact the customer when the joy is at its greatest

You positively influence customer experience and customer loyalty by contacting your customer immediately after final delivery. You can e.g. send contact details to your customer service, ask them to rate the delivery experience, inform about ongoing promotions or ask about signing up for membership in your customer club.

Notify receiver when their return has arrived to you

Reduce customer service calls around returns

Customers may worry if a return is proceeding as expected. You can be proactive and notify them that their return has reached you and, for example, give them information about when they can expect a refund.

Notify your receiver when shipment is off to transport

Keep the customer updated on positive developments

You positively influence the customer experience with more information about what happens with the order. As a second step in the delivery chain, you can notify customers when PostNord has started transporting the shipment.

Notify your own customer service when PostNord could not carry out the booked collect shipment

Handle the deviation in the best way

You can notify your internal customer service if PostNord was unable to carry out a booked collection. Based on this information, you can start research according to your internal processes.

Notify receiver about risk of delay

Influence the customer’s expectation

PostNord’s algorithm has predicted a risk of delay and you can facilitate your customers’ daily planning by notifying them of this. By being proactive and transparent, your customer can make decisions based on their situation.


Build your own notification

Use and customize rules for when messages should be sent. You can of course make your own messages too!

See price rates

Add your own logotype and tone of voice

Create your own notification templates

Automated scheduled notifications

...or send manually via Track & Trace

Smart triggers to decide when a notification is to be sent

Use and customize rules for when messages should be sent. You can of course make your own messages too! The flexibility in PostNord Portal Business notifications is very large. In order for our systems to know in which context you want to send out a message, there are several so-called triggers. We can compare them to different conditions that exist for a message to go out to the customer.

The Business Plus basic package includes four such triggers:

Transport order – EDI received

When you send a package, the customer can receive a message when PostNord has received the transport order for the ordered product. The message can say, for example, that the package is on its way soon and that you are happy that the customer has chosen to buy in your particular store.

In this notification, there can advantageously be a tracking link so that the customer can follow the package’s path to delivery. There is also the opportunity to share other information that you want the customer to receive, for example a discount code that can be used on the next purchase.

First transport event

As soon as PostNord starts the transport, the customer can receive a new message. Here it is advisable to insert the link to PostNord tracking again so that the customer feels full control over where the package is. If you want to give the customer additional information, it is of course fine here as well.

Shipment delivered

When the customer has received their package, it may be appropriate to receive a new automatic message. This is a great opportunity for upselling, information about the customer club or if you want to give the customer a special discount code. It may also be appropriate to inform about the possibility of returns, which can contribute to a feeling of security for the customer.

Days left at delivery point

When there are only a few days left for the package to remain at the delivery point, you can have a new message sent. Many times the customer has simply forgotten to pick up the package. This type of notification shows that you care about your customer. In addition, it is very likely to reduce the company’s return costs.

These four triggers are sufficient in most situations. Do you want to make the most of notifications? In Business Premium and Business Enterprise you can choose up to 14 triggers for your notifications!

You decide the rules for notifications

Once you have selected a trigger, you easily create a rule where you decide how the message should sound, who should receive it and whether it should be delivered as an SMS notification and/or via email notification. In addition, you decide whether the notification rule should run continuously or only during an interval that you specify.

Any rules you create are automatically disabled by default. You can make adjustments in peace and quiet without having to worry about customers being notified before you’re done. When you feel satisfied with the settings, just enable the notification.

Give your receivers a perfect experience

Automatic notifications mean that you can create a very pleasant shopping experience without you or your employees having to do anything extra. Once you have entered the various rules for messages, PostNord handles the notification automatically.

A customer who receives well-timed messages via SMS or email feels noticed and gains a sense of control. It increases the likelihood that you will receive good reviews from the customer and that they will return with new orders in the future.

In addition, well-tailored information can relieve customer service by telling customers in advance about things they usually ask.

More practical tools in Portal Business

An account in PostNord Portal Business provides many more advantages in addition to the possibility of creating automatic notifications. Here is a selection:

Send Direct – Book shipping or pickup quickly and easily online. Read more about Send Directly

Track & Trace – You and your customers always have full control of where the package is. Read more about Track & Trace

Complaints – Let your customers complain about a shipment in an easy way.

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Common questions about Notifications

What is notifications?

Notifications are automatically generated messages sent to your customers at selected times and for specific events during and after package delivery.

How are notifications effective?

Notifications are effective because they keep your customers informed about their delivery, which contributes to a good shopping experience and creates security. In the long run, this may mean that they shop more in the future. Notifications also reduce the number of cases with customer service, as an informed customer rarely needs to call.

What are the rates of notifications?

Notifications are an additional service that costs from SEK 750 per month in the Business Plus package. Costs for SMS and e-mail are added.

How much does it cost to send a notification by SMS?

Sending  a notification by SMS costs 75 öre per SMS.

How much do email notifications cost?

Email notifications cost 29 öre per email in the Business Plus package and are free for Business Premium and Business Enterprise.