Automated notifications to your customers based on shipping events

Customize and brand your shipping notifications – save money and get happier customers

Do what tens of thousands of other Nordic companies do

  • Happier customers with customized notifications
  • Create rules for messages
  • SMS notifications and e-mail notifications
  • Possibility for increased sales
  • Reduces the work load of your customer support

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Why are notifications so important?

Notifications are a powerful tool to create good customer relations. A customer who has ordered a product and gets tailored notifications with sent at the right time will feel better taken care of.

With notifications you create a great shopping experience, the foundation for a lasting customer relationship. Your customers will return more often and feel safe shopping with you.

How are notifications sent?

In the Notifications module you can simply create templates for the messages you want to send to your customers. Add various rules for when a specific notification is sent. When the requirements are met, the notification is automatically sent to the customer via SMS or e-mail. You don’t need to do anything yourself!

What’s the difference compared to notifications via Track & Trace?

With Portal Premium you gain access to both customization of notifications and rules for when notifications are sent. This is a major upgrade from the pre-made notifications you can send manually via Track & Trace in regular Portal Business.

Save time by not sending the messages manually. Simply create your templates and configure the logic. Then everything is automated.

Keep your customer extra informed by creating notifications for events beyond the standard ones.

Communicate in your own manner and with logo by writing your messages yourself and adding one or more logos for your brands.

Save money by preventing cases that lead to fees for you – for example through an extra reminder about collecting the package before it’s returned.

What types of notifications can I send?

In PostNord Portal Business there are two ways to deliver notifications – by mail and SMS:

E-mail notification

Sending an e-mail with information to the customer about various shipping events is super simple. Everyone has an e-mail address, but that’s not all. This method gives you the option to include more information and offers to the customer, in a highly cost effective way.

SMS notification

With an SMS notification you increase the chances of your customer actually reading the message. Some e-mail programs and services mistakenly block e-mails, and it’s always nice to know that the notification can be sent by SMS too. Some customers also find it easier to take in the information by SMS compared to an e-mail.

It’s up to you what type of message you want to send to the customer when you set up the rules for notifications. Of course, you can choose both SMS and e-mail.

Use ready-made automations

– or build your own

Remind the customer to pick up their package before it’s returned

Reduce return costs

Reduce your return costs by reminding the customer to pick up their package before it’s returned due to the limited time the collection point will keep it for.

Contact the customer when the package has been delivered

Reach the customer when they are particularly happy

This effects the customer experience and loyalty in a positive way, by reaching out to the customer straight after the final delivery. For example, you can send contact details to your customer support, ask them to leave feedback on the delivery experience, inform them of current campaigns, or ask them to sign up for a membership in your customer club.

Inform the customer that you have received their return

Reduce the number of customer calls regarding returns

Customers might worry about what is happening to a return. You can be proactive and inform them when you receive the return, and for example let them know when they can expect to get their money back.

Inform the customer when the shipment has begun transport

Keep the customer up to date on positive developments

You can affect the customer experience positively by providing more information regarding what is happening with their order. As a second step in the delivery chain, you can notify the customer when PostNord has begun transport of the shipment.

Notify your own customer support if PostNord could not complete a scheduled collection

Manage unexpected changes in the best possible way

You can notify your internal customer support if PostNord was unable to complete a scheduled collection. Based on this information, you can begin an investigation according to your own internal processes.

Notify the customer about the risk of delays

Influence the customer’s expectations

The PostNord algorithm has predicted a risk of delay, and you can make your customer’s daily planning easier by notifying them of this. By being proactive and transparent your customer can make active decisions based on their situation.

Build your own atomization

Use and adapt rules and logic for when messages are sent. Naturally, you can write your own messages too!

See price levels

Add your own logo and message style

Create your own message templates

Automate when notifications are sent

...or send them manually via Track & Trace

Smart triggers define when a message is sent

PostNord Portal Business notifications are highly flexible. To let our system know when you want to send a message there are various so-called triggers. We can compare them to different situations for when a message should be sent to a customer.

In the basic Business Plus package, four such triggers are included:

Transport order – EDI received

When you send a package the customer can be notified when PostNord has received the transport order for the ordered product. The message can, for example, say that the package is soon on its way and that you are happy that the customer has chosen your store to shop at.

In this notification it’s advantageous to include a tracking link so that the customer can track their order. You can also share other information you want the customer to have, for example a discount code that can be used on their next purchase.

First transport event

As soon as PostNord begins the transportation, the customer can receive a new message. Here, you can include the PostNord tracking link again so that the customer feels that they are in full control of where the package is. If you want to include additional information you can do so here too.

Package delivered

When the customer has received their package a new automated message is ideal. This is a great opportunity to increase sales, inform the customer about your loyalty club, or if you want to give the customer a special discount code. You can also inform them about how to return the product, which can give them a sense of security.

Days left at collection point

When only a few days remain at the collection point, you can send a new message. Often the customer has simply forgotten to pick up the package. This type of notification shows your customer that you care about them, and significantly reduces the risk of added return costs.

These four triggers are enough for most use cases. Do you want to maximize your use of notifications? In Business Premium and Business Enterprise you can select up to 14 triggers for your notifications!

You decide the rules for notifications

Once you have selected a trigger you can easily configure the rules that define what the message is, who should receive the message, and whether it should be delivered by SMS and/or e-mail. You also define if the notification rule should run continuously or only during set intervals that you decide.

All rules that you create are automatically inactivated by default. You can relax and make adjustments without worrying about messages being sent to customers before you’re ready. Once you’re satisfied with the configurations, simply activate the notification.

Give your customers the perfect shopping experience

Automated notifications mean that you can create a very welcoming shopping experience without any extra work for you or your staff. Once you have set up the various rules for messages, PostNord will handle the notifications automatically.

A customer who receives messages by SMS or e-mail with perfect timing will feel seen and experience a greater sense of control. This increases the chances of positive reviews, and that the customer will return to order again in the future.

Perfectly adapted information can also make life easier for your customer support, because you provide information about frequently asked questions in advance.

More practical tools in Portal Business

A PostNord Portal Business account gives you many advantages beyond the ability to create automated notifications. Here are some:

Skicka Direkt – Book shipping or schedule collection quick and easy online. Learn more about Skicka Direkt

Track & Trace – You and your customers always know where a package is. Learn more about Track & Trace

Claims – Allow your customers to easily make a claim regarding a package. Learn more about claims

Getting started with PostNord Portal Business is easy

You can easily create an account in Portal Business, to set up rules for notifications and improve the shopping experience you provide.

Create a Business account

Here’s how to get a free account:

Step 1

Register an account online. Enter the company organization number to collect all details automatically.

Step 2

Enter your user details.

Step 3

Sign your customer agreement digitally using BankID. You can now log in to Portal Business.

Frequently asked questions about notifications

What are notifications?

Notifications are automatically generated messages that are sent to your customers at select times and for specific events during and after delivery.

Why are notifications great?

Notifications are great because they keep your customers informed about their delivery, which contributes to a better shopping experience and provides a sense of security. In the long run, it may result in them returning to you in the future. Notifications also reduce the number of cases your customer support has to deal with, as an informed customer rarely needs to make a call.

What do notifications cost?

Notifications are an add-on service that costs from 750 kr. per month with the Business Plus package. Additional charges for SMS and e-mail send-outs apply.

How much does it cost to send SMS notifications?

Sending an SMS notification costs 75 öre (0,75 kr.) per sms.

How much do e-mail notifications cost?

E-mail notifications cost 29 öre (0,29 kr.) with the Business Plus package and is free in Business Premium and Business Enterprise.