Full Control of All Claims and Returns in Portal Business

Keep track of your returns

There are various ways to work with returns in the portal. You can make a claim, follow a claim, and get stats for all returns. Bank account details come pre-entered which is nice.

Do what tens of thousands of other Nordic companies do

· Follow the status of ongoing returns
· Create a claim/return directly in Track & Trace
· Export a report with all returns

Manage your returns free of charge in the portal

Go to Claims in the Portal

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Set Up an Account in Portal Business to Manage All Claims

I With PostNord Portal Business you get the perfect overview of all claims related to the shipments of your company. 

You need to be able to sign on behalf of the company in order to become a business client. If you can’t do this right now, schedule a demo instead, and we can handle the rest later.

Create a Business Account

SHere’s how to set up a free account:

Step 1

Start creating an account in the portal. Enter your company’s organization number and we will collect the details automatically.

Step 2

Enter your personal details.

Step 3

Sign the agreement digitally using BankID. Log in and start managing all your claims in one place!

Manage All Claims Online in the Portal

With a free PostNord Portal Business account you gain access to several tools to manage all claims related to your company’s shipments. You can manage your claims and returns using three tools:

  • Claims: Make new claims and track ongoing cases
  • Track & Trace: Create a claim straight from a specific shipment
  • Reports: Export statistics about all claims

Track & Trace

Once you have selected a shipment in Track & Trace and check the available options you will see the claims option.

This is where you can easily create a claim and obtain most of the information about the shipment.

Claims Tab

In the Claims tab you can then follow all claims and talk to customer service regarding additional information.

The Reports Tab

The Reports tab in the portal also includes statistics reports regarding claims and returns, and you can choose different time periods and export everything to Excel for further handling.

Claims are part of PostNord Portal Business which is free to use

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Automatic Notifications

Making a Claim Should Be Easy

By managing all claims in an efficient way you can give your customers a faster response. This leads to happier customers, and you can manage your ongoing claims more easily. With PostNord Portal Business you get a workflow that makes it easy to manage your claims and return shipments. You or your staff can easily make new claims and then check their status as the PostNord customer service team handles the claim.

Claim a Package Online

With PostNord Portal Business you can manage all your company’s claims for packages and other shipments in a single digital hub. By logging in to your account in the portal you can easily create claims and get crucial information about each shipment. Once you have clicked “claim” PostNord will handle the case and give you a response as soon as possible.

Track Your Claim in the Portal

The portal is the easiest way to make a claim. If you want to make a claim by e-mail or phone this is of course also possible. Regardless of method you will be able to track your case in PostNord Portal Business. This means that you can let the case go until we have solved it, and you won’t need to call or e-mail customer service to find out what the status of a claim is. Once everything is done you will see this directly in the portal.

Export All Claims

A major advantage of PostNord claims is that you get a very good overview of all previous claims in your account in the portal. You can export a list of all claims during a period of your choice. Choose between Excel or CSV file.

You can also export statistics to compare the number of claims in a chosen period with the same period last year. You will see stats on the reason for claims according to the following template:

  • Delayed package
  • Missing content
  • Damaged shipment
  • Missing shipment

Frequently Asked Questions About Claims

How do I make a claim in the portal?

You can easily make a claim by selecting a shipment in Track & Trace or by creating a new claim in the Claims tab[JD2] . PostNord customer service will then handle the claim and you can track the status of the claim directly in the portal.

What’s the claim time?

You can make a claim up to six months from the day a shipment was handed over to PostNord.

Why do people make claims?

You can make a claim for a package or other shipment that is delayed, damaged, missing or that has missing contents.

How can I make a claim?

As a business client you can make a claim directly in Portal Business, by e-mail or by phone. It is always the sender who makes a claim regarding any problems with a shipment.