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  • Easily create reports directly in the portal
  • Great for planning or accounting
  • Create environmental reports, returns reports and quality reports
  • Export to Excel, PDF or CSV

Get Started with PostNord Portal Business

With a free Portal Business account you gain access to practical report features to simplify your work. Here’s how to get started:

Create a Business Account

Here’s how to get a free account:

Step 1

Register online – enter the company’s organization number and the details will be automatically collected.

Step 2

Enter your personal details.

Step 3

Sign the customer agreement using BankID. You are then ready to log in. As soon as there’s data on sent or received packages you can create your first report.

Extract Statistics and Reports in No Time

When it’s time to plan or do your accounting a diagram with stats associated with your deliveries is a handy tool. On the Reports tab in the portal it’s almost ridiculously easy to get reports per product in the categories you choose. Choose between Environmental, Returns and Quality. Or check your combined invoicing stats.

Great Overview with a Claims Report

Do you find it difficult to get an overview of all claims that have been made? By creating a Claims report in Portal Business you take back control of what type of claims and returns have been made.

For example, you can see if the reason for a return was that an item was missing, that the shipment never came, or if the product was damaged. Choose the desired time frame and compare it to the same period last year. You can easily export the data to CSV, PDF or Excel.

Using the claims report

Quality Report in Just a Few Clicks

Quickly generate a quality report for the company logistics directly in PostNord Portal Business. Select the desired period and check off the categories of packages and other shipments to include in the report. You can also add any additional services and filter by country.

You then get a detailed quality report which includes, among other:

  • Period
  • Country
  • Shipments delivered on time – number and percentage
  • Delayed shipments – number and percentage
  • Information on the reason for any delay
Using the Quality report

Keep Track of Emissions with an Environmental Report

If you need to report and follow up on the company’s environmental impact you will benefit greatly from the environmental report in Portal Business. Here you can see the company’s environmental consumption in relation to delivery or type of shipment.

Just choose the period you’d like. Your carbon emissions are then shown in two types of measurements:

  • Tank-To-Wheel: Carbon emissions from the truck’s exhaust pipe
  • Well-To-Wheel: Carbon emissions from production and distribution of fuel and emissions from the exhaust pipe

Get Invoice Stats

With the Portal Business report feature you can quickly get an overview of all invoices sent or pending during a given period. Follow the trend over time and filter by organization or client number. Here you also have the option to create separate views for different countries, products or companies. Once compiled you can easily export your invoice history to Excel, CSV or PDF.

Learn More About Invoice Statistics

View Pallet Balance

Another practical feature in PostNord Portal Business is the option to view your current pallet balance and history. The pallet report shows pallets to be returned in a certain interval and information on how to return them. You can also see how many pallets you are to receive from PostNord.

Export to Excel, CSV or PDF

Generating a report only takes a few seconds. No matter if you choose a quality report, environmental report, pallet balance or one of the other reports available in Portal Business you can just as easily export the report to the format you like.

You can choose between three types of exports depending on what best fits your needs:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • PDF

Portal Business has Many Practical Features

With a PostNord Portal Business account you can manage all logistics of your company. Here are some of the useful features you have access to:

Send Direct: In just a few clicks you can schedule shipping or a collection of items.

Learn more about Send Direct

Track & Trace: Keep track of all letters and packages in the control panel called Track & Trace.

Learn more about Track & Trace

Pay VAT: Manage all VAT payments, customs fees and declaration fees for your shipments.

Learn more about paying VAT

Reports are part of PostNord Portal Business which is free

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Frequently Asked Questions About Reports

How do I create a logistics report?

Go to your account in PostNord Portal Business, click on Reports and choose the desired report type. Enter the time period and any special criteria before generating the report. You can also export the report.

What reports can I generate?

You can choose between the following types of reports:

  • Quality report/li>
  • Pallet balance report
  • Invoice report
  • Environmental report
  • Returns report

How much does it cost to create reports on shipments and packages?

The service is part of Portal Business which is free to use.

What is a quality report?

A quality report shows how many packages are delayed and the reason for the delay.

What is an environmental report?

An environmental report shows your carbon dioxide emissions in KG for any specific shipment.

What format can I export my data to?

You can export all reports as CSV, PDF or an Excel file.