Creating an excellent e-commerce customer experience

Positive customer experiences provide key competitive advantages

Competition is fierce in e-commerce. That's why it's important that everything goes smoothly during purchase and delivery so that your customers have the best possible shopping experience. Satisfied customers are likely to become repeat buyers.

Here are seven tips on how to create a better customer experience in your e-commerce:

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1. Fast deliveries contribute to the customer experience

A customer who buys online often wants his goods as soon as possible. Quick and varied delivery options are a competitive advantage. Being able to offer lots of products in the online shop is of course an advantage too. But if the customer then has to wait 15 - 20 days for delivery, there is a big risk that you as an e-retailer will get bad ratings in the customer reviews.

Sometimes a slightly longer delivery time is unavoidable, for example if the supplier has run out of goods. In such situations, it is important to have good communication with the customer so that expectations are realistic. Perhaps you can suggest an alternative item or offer a small discount as a plaster on the wound? This contributes to a good customer experience.

2. Deliver all goods at the same time

As a seller, you need to think from the customer's perspective when packing and shipping the goods. Just because it might suit your warehouse business better to deliver and send the customer's order in three batches doesn't mean it's right to do so. The customer should not have to run to a delivery point several times or sit at home and wait for delivery several days in a row.

As an e-retailer, you need to have good communication with your carrier to ensure a good customer experience, for example by notifying them that a particular order has multiple shipment numbers. The carrier can then deliver the entire order to the customer at the same time.

3. Better customer communication for the best buying experience

A customer who does not know when and how delivery is expected risks becoming a dissatisfied customer with poor reviews as a result. Well-designed and well-timed notifications play a key role in your customer communication.

With the Aviseringar service in the portal, you can easily create rules for automatic notifications via email or SMS that go out to each customer waiting for their delivery. All recipients are interested in knowing what happens to the order. With this service, you can, for example, let the buyer know when you sent the parcel and when it arrived at the delivery point.

Tip - create personalised notifications and add your company logo to create an extra strong bond with your customers!

4. Have a stock replenishment strategy

If you have more than one warehouse, it's important to have a good stock replenishment strategy to create the best possible customer experience. One way is to use Cross Docking. This allows you, for example, to send goods from your own warehouse and from a supplier as a single consignment to the customer. The goods are then consolidated by the carrier before being delivered to the buyer.
Another variant is
drop shipping. Drop shipping allows you to send goods from one or more suppliers directly to the customer in a single shipment.

5. Better shopping experience with an overview of logistics flows

Regardless of the transport options you offer your customers and the logistics solutions you use as an e-retailer, it is important to have a good overview of the logistics flow. If you don't know what happens to the shipment after the customer places the order, there is room for misunderstandings and mistakes in the deliveries.

6. Delivering packages with finesse

If you're sending parcels yourself from your own warehouse, you can make an extra effort to package them in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd. Get your own packaging or buy tape with your company logo for the best customer experience. Why not include a flyer with an offer in each mailing?

Many people don't know that it's actually possible to get this kind of sophistication in packing even if you use third-party logistics for your deliveries.

7. Reconnect with physical mailings

With a good buying experience, you increase the chances that customers will come back and buy again. But it doesn't hurt to help them out a bit. In PostNord Portal Business you can create physical mailings via letter, postcard or flyer. Upload a PDF and insert the addresses and your customers will receive your message in their mailbox. Perfect if you want to send out an offer or a discount that applies to returning customers!

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