Same day delivery – with the power to transform e-commerce

Same day delivery is a new concept in Sweden that has the potential to change the way consumers shop online. The new super-fast deliveries have been tested in recent years by DHL, Foodora and PostNord, among others. In this article, we will look at how same day delivery can affect e-commerce going forward and how PostNord's PEX Bud service works.

With shorter delivery times, e-retailers can sell a new type of product

E-tailers are the main originators of consumer shipments. With same day delivery, products that are usually purchased for immediate use will be promoted. An example of such a product category is tools. When the carpenter or do-it-yourselfer is in the middle of a project and discovers that a tool is missing, it can be an urgent matter. The tool will often be purchased the same day. With same day delivery, ordering online suddenly becomes a reality for the handyman.

Tracking packages to and from the customer reduces the risk of packages going missing. With our Track & Trace service in PostNord Portal Business, you get full control over your parcels and consignments.

How much customers are willing to pay for same day delivery

For consumers, there is a clear value in having their goods delivered on the same day. In a study conducted by McKinsey in Sweden, France, Germany and the UK, one question asked was how much consumers would pay to have their goods delivered the same day. 50% of respondents answered that they would be willing to pay delivery costs of SEK 60-70 for a purchase of SEK 590.

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PEX BUD - PostNord's same-day delivery service

After 10 years, PostNord express has changed its name to PEX messenger, a service for all customers who need to transport goods quickly from point A to point B. The delivery vans have also been reprofiled and rolled out on the market since 13 January 2021. Several of PEX delivery services have also been renamed to increase clarity for customers.

As an e-retailer, it is beneficial to keep track of your customers' complaints. With our Portal Business service, you can both create and track complaints.

A new booking service for digital customers

PEX BUD previously had a manual booking system where customers had to call in or email their orders. Today's booking system is modern and fit for the 2020s. It's a good fit for digital buyers of courier services who manage all their logistics online.

PEX BUD can be tailored to the customer's unique needs

PEX Bud's logistics solutions can be tailored to the unique needs and operations of the customer. There are virtually no restrictions on the weight or dimensions of the packages. In Stockholm and Gothenburg, bicycle couriers are also available.

The delivery time is adapted to the conditions and how quickly the customer wants the packages.

PEX Express Delivery - delivery as fast as possible
PEX 2-hour delivery - delivery within two hours
PEX 5-hour delivery - delivery within five hours
PEX Same Day Delivery - if the customer books before 09:00, delivery takes place by 16:00.

With statistics on your deliveries, you can gain valuable insights to improve the service. In the Portal you can easily create reports about the desired category.

Frequently asked questions about same day delivery

What does PEX BUD's logistics solutions cost?

PEX bud's logistics solutions cost from SEK 99.

What does same day delivery mean?

Same day delivery is exactly what it sounds like; the customer gets their parcel delivered the same day the customer placed the order. In Sweden, some e-commerce stores use the term “leverans samma dag” eller “samma dag leverans” which means the same thing.

What does q-trade mean?

Q-trade is a term coined by Foodora. The term means "Quick-commerce" and Foodora means that the product should reach the customer within an hour.