Sending clothes by post – tips for e-retailers

How to ensure fast and safe shipping when sending clothes by post

For those who run an online clothing store, shipping and packaging of shipments to customers is important to consider. Your orders need to be packed to withstand moisture and any bumps and vibrations from both sorting machines and other goods - and of course you want to be able to offer your customers the fastest possible delivery.

PostNord offers a couple of different shipping options. Below you will find a guide with valuable tips and advice on how best to send clothes by post, as well as important considerations such as weight and packaging.

Shipping clothes the right way - pack smart and safely

Proper packaging is important to ensure that the clothes you send are protected during shipping. Packages sent via PostNord are handled by our sorting machines and transported together with other consignments.

All packages are handled with care, but bumps and pressure may occur during shipping, so your clothing packages must be packed in a way that they can withstand it. Clothes and other soft materials must also be protected from moisture.

The following is the type of packaging PostNord recommends when sending clothes by post:

  • Place the garments in a sealable plastic bag
  • Use a durable outer packaging that closes as tightly as possible around the contents - preferably a cardboard box or stronger plastic

Because clothes themselves are soft, you don't need to add any bubble wrap or other type of cushioning material. However, it is important that the outer packaging is not too large. If there is a lot of air in the package, the cardboard or outer plastic packaging may crack if the package gets under other goods and is compressed.

Choose the right postage and delivery method based on the weight of the package

The amount of postage you pay and whether an item can be sent as a letter or a parcel depends on its weight and size. As an e-retailer, you have two options to choose from when sending clothes by post:

Letter post - for items weighing up to 2 kg

Smaller and lighter items weighing less than 2 kg can be sent as letters. This can be useful, for example, if you are only sending a single item of clothing. Postage is paid with ordinary stamps and the consignment can either be left in a post box or at one of our agents.

You can also buy our blue padded envelopes that are pre-stamped for weights up to 2 kg.

Send packages - buy traceable shipping in PostNord Portal Business

Shipments weighing more than 2 kg are sent as packages. If you are a PostNord business customer, you can use your user account in PostNord Portal Business to quickly and easily purchase traceable shipping via the Skicka Paket service.

Postage is calculated based on the weight of the item and you can either print the waybill yourself or ask the retailer where you hand in the parcel.

A major advantage of this type of shipping and delivery is that both you and the recipient can track the transport of the package using a consignment ID.

Learn more about tracking packages.

Discover our integration solutions for e-tailers

PostNord's integration solutions are specifically designed to make e-commerce easier. The service can be connected to your e-commerce system and enables, among other things, automatic shipping orders and the integration of shipping purchases directly into your marketplace.

Learn more about how our integrations can make sending clothes by post easier and more cost-effective.

Frequently asked questions about sending clothes by post

How do I choose the right delivery method for clothes?

The weight of the consignment determines whether it can be sent as a letter or a parcel. If the weight is less than 2 kg, you can choose Letter, while Parcel applies to shipments weighing more than 2 kg.

How much does it cost to send clothes by post?

It depends on the delivery method you choose and how much the letter or parcel weighs. Under Prices and conditions you will find complete postage tables and price lists for sending shipments.

What is the delivery time for letters and packages with clothes?

Normal delivery time for domestic shipments is one working day. If you send clothes abroad, the delivery time is usually 2-5 working days within the EU, and 4-8 working days outside the EU.

What happens if I bought too little postage?

If you have purchased too little postage in relation to the weight of the package, you as the sender will be charged the difference afterwards. The shipment is still delivered to the recipient.