Klarna launches Swish in its e-commerce checkout

Swish + e-commerce - long-awaited news for Klarna users

Swedish consumers and e-merchants can now rejoice that one of the most sought-after payment services has become available to everyone who is connected to Klarna Checkout.

IAt the end of 2020, Klarna announced that the integration of Swish into the interface was imminent. The launch started with around 30 retailers - including Gymgrossisten and Apohem - and is now (2021) fully rolled out.

According to Klarna representatives, the collaboration will contribute to a smoother and safer shopping experience for both e-merchants and individual consumers.

Klarna's product manager on the launch:

- Swish matches our service very well. It is a replacement option within Klarna, which means that the customer can choose an alternative payment method but still be protected by Klarna's guarantee," says Sajal Chakravarty, Product Manager at Klarna.


Why are you introducing Swish for purchases in the Klarna app?

- We conducted an A/b test with e-merchants where Swish brought significant improvements.

Ett foto av Klarnas produktchef, Sajal Chakravarty

Sajal Chakravarty, Product Manager at Klarna

What does this mean for Klarna's customers (retailers and e-retailers)?

– No integration - no signing of agreements. For our customers, the service is just a nice bonus they can offer their customers. The speed and simplicity is truly unique. Taking Gymgrossisten as an example, without having to program a single line of code or explain anything to their customers, they have just been able to roll this out instantly.

The launch has been fast. We started just before Christmas last year.



– From traders: yes. we did a conceptualization after seven merchants expressed that they want it and conducted as always beta tests. Merchants become like our friends, providing regular feedback on how their customers experience new features, what it looks like, etc. We get constructive input from both small and large e-tailers based on what fits the use case. Our network of merchant testers and integration testing helps us scale up.

From consumers: when we went public with the news, people started talking about it and we could identify that there was a need for the service.


Is there a risk that the customer gets too many options at checkout?

We strive for a world where the customer doesn't have to think so much, just make a decision. We have conducted tests in markets outside Sweden and the data shows which payment methods are most popular. In a world of many choices, we help customers make decisions easily - for example, with a feature that allows them to set up an automatic payment method based on previous choices.


What future developments can we expect regarding payments at checkout?

– iDeal in the Netherlands and Mobilepay in Denmark are already in place. Although each country has its own currency, it works seamlessly. For us it is a must to find a way to work with each country's own method.


What is the most popular payment method?

– Traditional cards and bank transfers continue to dominate, but new methods will increase sales in these segments as well.

From an interview with Sajal Chakravarty, Product Manager at Klarna.

How does Swish work?

Swish is a payment service that allows you to send and receive money directly via a mobile app. In order to process payments through Swish, you must have a bank account connected to the service. You must also have a mobile BankID to verify the payments you send.

Swish for individuals and businesses

Swish is available for both individuals and businesses. The service is free for ordinary consumers, while businesses have to pay a monthly fee and a commission on each transaction.

If you run an e-commerce or any other type of business activity, Swish Business can greatly simplify the handling of payments. For those who are also connected to Klarna, the upcoming launch of the cooperation with Swish may bring further improvements.

What benefits will Swish bring to e-commerce with Klarna?

While Swish stands for simplicity and convenience, Klarna brings a number of benefits for safer online shopping. Swish as a payment option for e-commerce via Klarna means, among other things:

  • Ability for customers to swipe payments for invoices through the Klarna app
  • Smoother returns and complaints
  • Safer transactions as Swish payments through Klarna are covered by Klarna's buyer protection

Klarna handles all the integration

Although the launch of Swish payments in Klarna Checkout is a collaboration between the two parties, Klarna is responsible for the entire integration. As one of Sweden's most successful fintech companies, Klarna has the technology and resources to build a well-functioning integration solution - and to roll out a successful launch.

Klarna Checkout in PostNord Portal Business - another successful integration

If you are a PostNord business customer, you can integrate the Skicka Direkt Business service with Klarna Checkout via your user account in PostNord Portal Business.

With Klarna Shipping Assistant, you can connect your online store directly to Skicka Direkt Business, and then choose exactly which shipping and delivery options you want to offer in your checkout. Each time a purchase is made, a freight order is automatically registered in Skicka Direkt Business.

All you have to do is print out the waybill and send it off.

Read more about our integrations with Klarna.

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Frequently asked questions about Swish e-commerce and Klarna Checkout

Will the integration come at a cost to me as an e-merchant?

Swish as a payment option in Klarna Checkout does not entail any additional costs for you as an e-merchant connected to Klarna.

Do I need to get a Swish number for my online store?

No, as the service is integrated with Klarna, all payments will go through Klarna Checkout.

When can I expect Swish as a payment option in my checkout?

The integration will be rolled out to all merchants connected to Klarna in July 2021.

How do I get access to PostNord's integrations with Klarna?

To access our business services, you must have an account in PostNord Portal Business. The account is completely free and only takes a minute to open.