Trygg E-handel

Stronger customer trust with e-commerce certificates

A prerequisite for the success of your e-commerce is that your customer trusts your company and that you know what your customer expects. Of course, this may be easier said than done, but there is an easy way to solve this problem: the Trygg E-handel (Safe e-commerce) certification.

What is Trygg E-handel?

Trygg E-handel is a certification that shows that the company meets the Svensk Digital Handel's (Swedish Digital Trade Association) requirements for online sales. Svensk Digital Handel is a subsidiary of Svensk Handel (Swedish Trade Federation) and works to improve market conditions and industry standards in e-commerce. The aim of the certification is to make it easier for you to deliver a really good buying experience, while giving your customers confidence in you from the start.

Why is the certification Trygg E-handel needed?

In recent years, digital commerce has exploded, and while it has created endless opportunities, it has also brought some challenges. Fraud and rogue traders have led to customers wanting to be reassured that they are choosing safe options when shopping online. And if you can't show that you are, in most cases the customer will choose a more established competitor. However, the Trygg E-handel certification is not just a reassurance stamp for customers, but a tool to develop industry standards that make it easier for businesses to put the customer first.

How do I get the certification?

If you want to have the Trygg E-handel symbol on your website, you need to apply for the certification from the Svensk Digital Handel. Your e-commerce business will need to meet their requirements and comply with all laws relating to online sales. The fee for applying for certification is SEK 2 500, plus an annual fee of SEK 6 500.

The requirements to be met can be divided into the following areas:

  • Information about company data
  • Customer service
  • Total cost of the product or service
  • Offers
  • General terms and conditions requirements and the buy button
  • Delivery
  • Information on the right of withdrawal
  • Complaints and guarantees
  • Refund
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Minors
  • Payment options
  • Subscriptions
  • Data protection

If your application is rejected for any reason, Svensk Digital Handel will provide you with the information you need to make changes and reapply.

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Frequently asked questions about the Trygg E-handel certification

What does the Trygg E-handel certification mean?

Trygg E-handel is a certification that means that the e-merchant follows certain specific guidelines for online sales.

What is required for a website to have the Trygg E-handel symbol?

In order to receive the Trygg E-handel symbol, the company must meet the requirements and guidelines of the Svensk Digital Handel regarding e-commerce. The requirements concern, for example, data protection, purchase conditions and guarantees.

Why is the Trygg E-handel certification needed?

The aim of the certification is to increase the knowledge and security of e-commerce for both customers and sellers.

Who is behind the Trygg E-handel certification?

The company Svensk Digital Handel, a subsidiary of Svensk Handel, is behind the Trygg E-handel certification.