Customs handling in Skicka Direkt Business

You can now easily identify which of your orders require a customs declaration label (CN22 and CN23), as well as create and print the label directly from the shipments tab. This new feature will save you time and help ensure your international shipments comply with all necessary regulations.

This applies to the following integration solutions:

It's that simple --> under the shipment tab and the list of unconfirmed shipments, you can sort out which shipments need customs clearance under "Status".

For shipments marked with "Customs Required", select "Add Customs" to initiate customs processing.

In the modal, select CN22 or CN23 depending on the shipment. You then fill in all the information including the invoice lines and then your customs declaration is created for the shipment when you click on "Create customs declaration". When you then confirm and print the label, you will also receive the customs declaration.