MyPack Collect is now configurable for Service Points and Parcel Lockers separately in Skicka Direkt Business E-commerce

In Skicka Direkt Business E-commerce you can now set the conditions for MyPack Collect separately for Service Points and Parcel Lockers or exclude either option.

The additional service ‘Climate compensation’ is now also available and for service points deliveries you can completely prevent the recipient from later changing to a parcel locker by activating the add-on ‘Not to parcel locker’.

We have also added more weight ranges for a more precise price control at checkout. This is configured in the Edit shipping service page using the shipping price option ‘Price depending on shipping zones (countries) and weight intervals’. The new weight ranges are 0-1 kg, 1-2 kg and 2-3 kg, which replace the previous range 0-3 kg.

As an existing user of MyPack Collect, you get the new variants set up automatically based on your previous configuration and can adjust based on that. You can configure them individually for private recipients or business recipients.