Busy keeping track of VAT and customs documentation?

This landing page is used for the appointment of PostNord as a direct customs agent, and for the payment of any fees incurred.

As soon as you have appointed PostNord as a direct customs agent, and paid any fees incurred, PostNord will, pending Swedish Customs Administration approval, deliver the consignment to you or to a service point, depending on the size and the service that the sender has chosen. Once a payment has been approved, you will receive payment confirmation.

To proceed, you will need to state the shipment ID. You should have received this already, either as a text message sent to your cell phone or in a letter. Enter it above. We use the postal code to verify that you have not mistakenly entered an incorrect shipment ID – which could result in you paying for someone else’s consignment.

Find out more about VAT, the VAT declaration fee and why you may need to pay before you receive your consignment.

Make PostNord your customs agent