View photo of delivery by door in Track & Trace

Find photos of deliveries that are left outside doors

Letters are still delivered to post boxes, but when this is not possible they are delivered at the door or in a bag outside the box. When this happens, a photo is taken and the sender can view the photo via the customer portal. The receiver can view it in the PostNord app (when logged in).

Delivery to door, also known as Leverans utan kvittens (LUK), is now the standard for light packages. The receiver clearly requests that the package should be left outside their door, rather than sent to an agent if the package does not fit in the post box. LUK also occurs for other forms of delivery, and our staff always take a photo of where the package is left.

To make it easier for your customer support to find these delivery photos they are now available in Track & Trace. So if your customer needs help, you’re better equipped to assist them.

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