Cash Against Documents

Cash Against Documents (CAD) is one of several payment options in international trade. It’s safer than proforma invoices while still being simple and easy.

Kostnad för att skicka paket

What is Cash Against Documents?

Cash Against Documents is a way to pay for imports. This form of payment is also called import collection and is a relatively simple payment procedure. Through CAD, the payment is made between the banks of the seller and buyer.

How does CAD work?

When importing, the seller and buyer can agree to pay through CAD. The seller then sends bank invoices, customs documents and other documents to the bank of the buyer. When everything has been received, the customer gives the bank the green light to pay the invoices.

The advantage of CAD is that the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce regulate the procedure. By having all documents go through a bank as a middle man, a layer of safety is also added to the transaction, compared to paying everything in advance.

CAD, however, is not as safe as a letter of credit because the bank only acts as a middle man, not as a guarantee.

PostNord and CAD

When importing and exporting, the bank manages your CAD. Our job is to ensure that the delivery gets to its destination. In our service Skicka Direkt Business you can easily send parcels and track parcels to Sweden and abroad. You can also generate electronic invoice documents and sign waybills. You get a complete overview of all deliveries in one place.

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Frequently asked questions about CAD

What’s the difference between Cash Against Documents and letter of credit?

CAD makes the bank of the buyer a middle man for the transaction. With letter of credit, the bank is also a guarantee of the payment on behalf of the seller, when all terms and documents have been met.

What are the alternatives to Cash Against Documents?

Other common forms of payment when importing is international payment, guarantee and letter of credit.

Why is Cash Against Documents used?

When dealing with international business in which you send or receive products, you can use CAD as a payment method. It’s an easy way to pay while also being safer than proforma invoices.

When can CAD be used as a payment method?

It can be a good form of payment when importing from stable companies that act on a regulated and reliable market. If better security is needed, letter of credit may be a better alternative.