Change of address for businesses

How change of address works for businesses

Businesses moving to new premises or registering a new postal address need to make a permanent or temporary change of address. Here you will find information on how to do it, how much a change of address for businesses costs and what options are available for forwarding mail.

How to change a business address?

Change of address for businesses is done via Adressändring, which is a service provided by PostNord in cooperation with Citymail. The service is primarily online, but it is also possible to register a new address by phone.

When notifying a change of address, fill in the company name and company number, as well as the name, telephone number and e-mail address of a contact person in the company. In the next step, you specify the new business address and the date from which it will take effect.

If the change concerns a notification of a specific postal address for a limited period of time, an end date can also be specified.

Once you have filled in all the details, send in your application. As soon as the case is processed, you will receive confirmation of the change.

Change of address with or without forwarding - what is included?

Change of address can be done with or without optional forwarding. If you choose to change your address only, all mail addressed to the old company address will be sent back to the sender. This is because the postman is only informed that the business has moved - but not to which address.

However, if you order a change of address with forwarding, all mail will be delivered to the new company address. Even those addressed to the old one. The post is valid for 12 months from the chosen start date.

Both address changes without forwarding and with forwarding are ordered via

How much does a change of address cost for businesses?

Change of address without forwarding is free of charge for both businesses and individuals. If you order forwarding, there is an additional charge based on the volume of letters your company receives.

For forwarding during 12 months, the following price list applies:

  • Under 10 letters/week: SEK 744 ex VAT
  • 10-49 letters/week: SEK 1,184 ex VAT
  • 50-99 letters/week: SEK 1,624 ex VAT
  • 100 or more letters/week: SEK 2,072 ex VAT

It is also possible to request temporary forwarding of business mail when notifying a specific postal address. The service is valid for up to six months and the price is based on how long it is used.

Change of address for PostNord Postbox

If you wish to have your business mail delivered to a PostNord Postbox you do not need to make a permanent change of address. This is because only the distribution address changes - not the address at which the company is registered.

For delivery to a P.O. box, submit a notification for a special postal address to Adressändring. Remember to also order forwarding, so that the mail arrives right away.

Booking and administration of our business mailboxes is easy and convenient in PostNord Portal Business.

Frequently asked questions about change of address for businesses

How long does it take to change an address for businesses?

Change of address notifications for businesses are processed as soon as possible after they are submitted. Usually, a confirmation will arrive within a few days.

Does a change of address for a company have to be notified to the swedish companies registration office or the swedish tax agency?

Permanent change of address for companies must be notified to the Companies Registration Office. However, there is no need to notify the Tax Agency.

What happens if you change the address for a company without forwarding?

Without forwarding, mail addressed to the old address will be returned to the sender.