Consolidation of Logistics – How it Works

Save money and protect the environment through consolidation

Consolidated shipping means to combine two or more deliveries into one transport. This is beneficial as it both reduces costs and is better for the environment. PostNord Portal Business explains how consolidated shipping works.

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What is consolidation of logistics?

Consolidation of logistics means that two or more deliveries are combined into one. The term is also used on larger scale when talking about consolidating entire transport flows. The term is used both for incoming and outgoing transports.

In its simplest form, you can imagine that a company organises its transports to merge multiple deliveries, which leads to a more efficient logistics flow.

On a wider scale, consolidation can be about a player in logistics carefully selecting a number of partners among a large pool of logistics companies on the market, with the purpose of optimising the logistics flow.

Consolidation of logistics can also be about hiring a transport company like PostNord to give you a complete overview of your company’s logistics.

Why do companies consolidate logistics?

There can be numerous reasons for why consolidating logistics is a great idea. A primary purpose of consolidation is to reduce transportation costs. It’s often estimated that consolidation of logistics can lead to 30-40 percent cost savings on shipping.

Another reason for consolidating transportation flows is to protect the environment. Many of the products sold in different stores and by different suppliers are made in the same countries, or even in the same factories. From there, they are delivered to the same cities, business streets, and so on. The environmental benefit of consolidating logistics can be significant.

Consolidation of transportation flows in practice

To consolidate business transportation flows, you need to have the ability to analyse all your logistics in an efficient way. You need a partner who understands the value of scaling transports and making them more efficient.

In PostNord Portal Business there are tools to help you generate detailed reports on all your company’s shipments. This gives the person responsible for logistics the ability to analyse the logistics flow in detail and plan for optimised consolidation.

Through Skicka Direkt in the portal you can easily schedule new transport orders and create templates according to the guidelines you’ve created. Using our integrations, like Plugins for e-commerce systems and our own API, you can tailor your logistics solutions and various ways to consolidate logistics.

Other than our business tools, we also share our knowledge in the form of articles in the Delivery Guide. You can check out our logistics articles here.

Frequently asked questions about consolidated shipping

What does consolidation of logistics mean?

Consolidation of logistics, or consolidated shipping, means to combine two or more shipments into one transport.

What are the advantages of consolidation of logistics?

Two major advantages of making your logistics and transport flows more efficient through consolidation is that it reduces transportation costs and lessens the impact on the environment.

What is required to consolidate logistics?

For consolidation of transport flows you need the ability to analyse your logistics in detail, and a partner who understands the value of both efficiency and the ability to scale transports, and who can offer this service in practice.