Direct Delivery

Do you want to send something to a customer who might not be home when the package arrives? Then there are various types of direct deliveries of packages to choose from. Let your customers decide if they want to receive packages without needing to be home to sign for them.

What is direct delivery?

With direct delivery, a package is sent directly to the home of the receiver. Your customer doesn’t need to collect the package from a pickup point.

Direct delivery is a form of home delivery, since the products are delivered straight to the receiver. The difference is that direct delivery does not involve sending the package to a pickup point if the customer is not home to sign for the delivery.

How does direct delivery work?

Direct delivery is a way to ensure that the customer receives the package straight to their home so they don’t need to go to a pickup point.

There are several ways to do direct deliveries. A common way is to leave the package in a mailbox if the customer can’t accept it personally. If the customer isn’t home, direct delivery allows them to receive the package without signing for it.

Exactly how it works depends on what direct delivery service you choose to use.

Direct delivery with PostNord

With PostNord, there are several delivery options if you run an e-store. Many of them make it possible to offer direct delivery to your customers.

With MyPack Home Small you can send small packages straight to your customer’s mailbox or property box. The term is that the value can’t be greater than 450 SEK and weigh max 3 kg.

MyPack Home allows you to send packages up to 35 kg, which are picked up from you and delivered straight to the receiver.

When you use PostNord Skicka Direkt Business there’s also a Delivery to Door option. This means that the package is delivered to the door if it doesn’t fit in the mailbox. Your customer gets a text message or e-mail that the letter or package has been delivered. This gives the customer a feeling of security.

With the service “Privat mottagare direktleverans” (private person receiving direct delivery), pallets and groupage can be delivered straight to your customer without the need for them to be available at delivery. For example, the goods can be left in a driveway or outside the front door.

There are also options for direct delivery with express delivery. Your customer receives the package before 10:00 the following weekday if you send it before 14:00 on a weekday.
Tip – Your customers can also track their packages via the PostNord app. They can also change the time of delivery if they want to be personally available.

Tip – Your customers can also track their packages via the PostNord app. They can also change the time of delivery if they want to be personally available.

Frequently asked questions about direct delivery

What is direct delivery?

A direct delivery is a delivery of a package or other types of goods straight to the home of the customer. If the receiver is not home, the package is left in a designated place.

Why offer direct delivery?

It’s a way to enhance the service level toward the customer, by offering efficient and flexible delivery options.

Do I have to offer direct delivery?

No, as the sender it’s up to you if you want to offer this as an option or not. For example, it’s common to have a ceiling on the value a package may have in order for it to be delivered without the need for the receiver to sign for the delivery.

Can the receiver regret their delivery choice?

Yes, if the receiver realizes that they don’t want direct delivery without needing to sign for the package, they can change this in the PostNord app after ordering.