E-trader Tactics to Increase Impulse Buys

Swedish e-commerce has been growing steadily since the financial crisis. Last year, e-commerce increased by 40%, with a total turnover of 122 billion SEK. As e-commerce is on the rise, we also see that impulse buying increases. In this article, we talk about how impulse buyers think and the tactics used by online traders to increase impulse buys.

Digital advancements have made impulse buying more tempting

Only a few years ago, it was relatively complicated to complete a purchase online. Lots of personal details were required with each purchase, because the information was never saved. Today, most consumers already have their personal data stored on e-commerce platforms and can complete a purchase in just 2-3 clicks. In other words, the temptation to make impulse buys from your couch has never been greater.

How impulse buyers think

While regular buyers are rational and use logical thinking, impulse buyers let their emotions take control. Below are some drivers that impulse buyers can experience.

  • Fear of missing out.
  • The need for instant satisfaction.
  • The need for good image and status.
  • The desire to save time and money.

E-commerce tactics to increase impulse buying

Red, temporary prices make the customer feel a sense of urgency

Some retailers rely on red prices and clearly advertise that they are temporary. This classic method makes the customer feel urgency: ”I have to buy now, before the low price disappears.”

Sometimes, impulse buyers regret their purchase and want to return the product. With our service Portal Business, you are in complete control of customer returns.

Free shipping encourages customers to place an additional item in the cart

Free shipping is commonly offered if the customer spends a certain amount, which encourages them to spend more than they planned. If the customer only has a little money to go to reach free shipping, they can be motivated to add an additional item to the cart.

“Popular accessories to the product” – entices the impulse buyer with relevance

When an impulse buyer clicks ”go to checkout”, a page appears with suggested accessories and add-ons related to the products already in the cart. Not only are these items often relevant, but they can be added to the cart with just a single click. The relevancy and simplicity increase the chance of an impulse buy.

Many companies spend a lot of time on shipping products to customers. With the PostNord shipping integration for Jetshop, large parts of the shipping management process are automated.

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Frequently asked questions about impulse buying

What is impulse buying?

Impulse buying is when someone makes a purchase without considering the consequences.

Why do we buy on impulse?

This varies from person to person. Common reasons are the need for instant gratification, reward, a sense of freedom, excitement, and to run away from stress and fear.

Who makes impulse buys?

Impulse buying is common among consumers with low, middle and high income. There is research that suggests that women are somewhat more prone to impulse buying than men.