Inventory Management Software

By using inventory management software, meaning software to manage your inventory, you can both simplify and streamline your web store. In this article we talk about the things you should know about software for inventory management.

What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software is a program designed to streamline warehouse and order management. The software is used to provide updates on stock levels, so that the correct information about the availability of products is always available – in other words, so that the business can run as it should. Inventory management software also helps companies know when it’s time to restock and order more products from suppliers.

Why use software for inventory management?

Everyone who stocks products will undoubtedly need to regularly do inventory checks to know when it’s time to order more products. If you don’t use software to help you manage your inventory, you or your staff need to do this manually. Other than being much more resource heavy, using manpower can also lead to mistakes that computers don’t make when working on tasks like these.

PostNord solutions to assist with inventory management

PostNord 3PL

If you want to spend more time on your core business, you can use PostNord 3PL to manage your inventory for you. PostNord 3PL tailors their logistics solutions to fit your needs and wishes.

Portal Business

Regardless if you use PostNord’s own warehouses or if you’re simply a business client of PostNord, you get access to Portal Business – a business tool that gives you complete control over your inventory and logistics flow. In the portal, you can easily schedule, track and manage shipments so that all flows work as they should. There are also tools to help you communicate with your customers, manage invoicing, and maintain control of your inventory even when you’re not on site. Becoming a business client only takes a minute and is completely free of charge. Click here to learn more.

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Frequently asked questions about inventory management software

What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software are programs to manage your inventory, computer systems designed to give the user information on their inventory.

Can I view my warehouse balance in Portal Business?

Yes, that way you’ll know when it’s time to order more products.

What’s the purpose of using software to manage inventory?

By using software for inventory management, you reduce the manual and time-consuming work which you or your staff would otherwise need to do.

Will I still maintain control over my logistics flow if I use PostNord?

Of course, we have a very developed IT structure to ensure you’re always in control of your flows.