What is a Logistics Flow?

A large part of working with e-commerce is to find smart solutions to logistics that allow your business to operate. But what is a logistics flow, and what logistics solutions are there that can help improve a company’s profitability?

What is a logistics flow?

A logistics flow is the process in which a range of activities happen to deliver a product to a specific person at a certain time. What activities the process includes depends on the industry in which the company operates, but logistics flows can feature everything from material acquisition to storage, packaging and delivery. Logistics flows can be more or less resource demanding, and that’s why a crucial part of improving a company’s profitability is to analyse the flow and coordinate activities to make the entire flow as time and cost efficient as possible. Larger companies often hire their own logisticians who are tasked with planning, managing and leading various flows, but another perspective is to hire an external company to manage logistics. This is called third party logistics.

How PostNord can assist you with improving your logistics flows

There are many paths to make logistics flows more efficient, but key is to have a good overview of the entire process. PostNord Portal Business is the portal that helps you view your company’s logistics flows from a bird’s-eye perspective and gives you the ability to take action as soon as a problem occurs. In it, you will also get access to statistic to help you decide on meaningful action, and tools to reduce administrative work while simultaneously improving your results. All you need to do to get started is to create a free business account.

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Frequently asked questions about logistics flows

Why do I need to work with logistics flows?

Logistics flows are often a major part of business expenses. By improving your flow, your company can save a lot of money.

How can I improve the logistics flow of my business?

To spot the weaknesses of your logistics flow, you need to view the flow from a bird’s-eye perspective. In PostNord Portal Business you have access to tools that help you with this.

What role does the logistics flow play for company profitability?

By finding cost efficient solutions and coordinating them, businesses can increase their profitability without increasing the prices of their products.