Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding for companies – how it works
With mail forwarding, mail sent to your old company address will automatically be sent to the new address. PostNord tells you all about how mail forwarding for businesses works.

What is mail forwarding?

With mail forwarding, your mail is automatically sent to a new address. All businesses with a Swedish organization number can forward their mail to a different address – temporarily or when making a permanent move. PostNord works with Svensk Addressändring to forward both company and private mail.

Mail forwarding when moving permanently

If the company moves and changes their address, it only means that the address of the company has changed. If anyone were to send a letter or package to the old company address, the mail man doesn’t know what to do with it. That’s why it’s always a good idea to sign up for mail forwarding when your company changes address.

Mail forwarding when changing address permanently is commonly used for a limited time, perhaps a year, since there’s a cost associated with the service. That’s why it’s always good to contact all senders who frequently send things to the company to ensure they know the new address.

Temporary mail forwarding

Sometimes, you need someone to manage your company mail for a limited period. It can be during the summer holidays or during renovations of your facilities.

With the mail forwarding service, you can choose to have your mail paused and stored for up to two months. Or, you can choose to have it sent to a temporary address for up to six months.

How much mail forwarding costs

Mail forwarding is often ordered for a year at a time. The exact cost depends on the number of average shipments per week.

The total cost to forward company mail for a year is anywhere between 744 and 2072 SEK.

Temporary mail forwarding costs around 100 SEK per week, plus a start-up fee. For home businesses there’s a max fee which means you never have to pay for more than around five weeks of temporary mail forwarding.

See the current price list on

How do I have my mail forwarded?

It’s easy to forward company mail. There are several ways:

  • Go to the address change and mail forwarding for businesses page on adressä You can find it here.
  • Choose address change with mail forwarding.
  • There are now three options – call, chat or fill out a form (e-mail). Choose what’s more convenient for you.

Frequently asked questions about mail forwarding

Why sign up for mail forwarding?

Mail forwarding helps you avoid returned mail when you have changed your address.

How much does mail forwarding cost for companies?

Mail forwarding for companies costs between 744 and 2072 kr. per year depending on the average number of letters and packages per week.

Can mail be paused?

Yes, you can order temporary storage of mail for up to two months.

Can I forward mail myself?

No, you need to order mail forwarding through Svensk Adressändring. If you receive mail meant for someone else, you can drop it in the nearest post box. If the mail has the wrong address, cross out the address to instead have the letter or package be sent back to the sender.