What is Order Management?

What is order management?

Nowadays, customers have high expectations of companies when they shop online, and a negative purchase experience can lead to the customer turning to a competitor next time. Key to a positive customer experience is functional order management, but what does order management mean and how does it work in practice?

What does order management mean?

Order management is the process that begins when the customer clicks on the purchase button, and ends when the product has been delivered. In the process the seller must, among other things, be able to confirm that the product is in stock, give instructions on how to tailor the product, and confirm shipping. As e-commerce grows it has become an obvious industry in the daily lives of swedes, and as a consequence, expectations on functional and smooth order management have gone up, because customers expect their products to be delivered fast and according to their preferences.

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Three things to consider for efficient order management

1. The right order management system

Technology in the form of software is a crucial part of order management, and without the right program it can be difficult to ensure a high quality purchase experience. Compare order management systems from multiple suppliers, to find an alternative that works for the unique needs of your business.

2. Show the correct availability information

Make sure that your web store is connected to your warehouse, to always display the correct stock for each product. If your customer needs to wait for several weeks to get what they have ordered, you can count on them choosing someone else next time.

3. Flexible delivery options

Letting the customer tailor their delivery to their schedule, and not the other way around, enhances the purchase experience and increases the chances of the customer coming back. That’s why you should offer flexible shipping options in which the customer can choose how and when their order should be delivered.

How PostNord can help you with order management

PostNord Portal Business is the portal in which you get access to tools that give you an overview of all your deliveries, help you manage inconsistencies, and give your customers the purchase experience they deserve. You can also connect your store to our shipping solutions, to allow your customers to easily tailor the delivery already when placing the order. Shipping details are then sent to us automatically, to speed up your order management process.

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Frequently asked questions about order management

What is an order management system?

An order management system is a program that automates order management when a purchase is made.

How can PostNord help me with order management?

PostNord offers different types of solutions that allow you to automate things and take control of your order management.

How does order management affect a company’s profitability?

Efficient order management leads to customers getting their orders quicker, which increases the chance of them getting a great purchase experience.