Proforma invoice

What is a proforma invoice?

’Pro forma’ is Latin and means ‘as a matter of form’, which in turn means that a proforma invoice is issued ‘for the sake of form’. The issuing happens when products and services are delivered without the need for payment. When payment is required, a commercial invoice is used instead.

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Frequently asked questions about proforma invoices

Can I create a proforma invoice in PostNord’s portal?

With PostNord’s business tool Skicka Direkt Business, you can easily fill out and print different types of documents and labels. This includes proforma invoices.

What should a proforma invoice include?

At the top, it must say ”Proforma Invoice” (or the equivalent in a different language). A proforma invoice should also include as many details as possible, for the purpose of making things easier for the customs agency of the receiving country.

When should a proforma invoice be issued?

A proforma invoice is a form of value specification which can, for example, be included with shipments such as gifts, advertising products, product samples, and the likes. In short, products that don’t require any payments.