Shipping Agreements

What is a shipping agreement?

A shipping agreement can most easily be described as an agreement that allows companies to negotiate with one or multiple shipping companies. Most commonly, focus is on the cost of various types of shipments (domestic and/or international).

Frequently asked questions about shipping agreements

Is it cheaper to book PostNord shipping via Fraktjakt?

When you sign your own shipping agreement, the costs are charged by the respective transporter.

When am I charged for shipping?

The charge will happen retroactively and according to the current price list of the transporter.

Will you help with claims related to shipping?

Yes, PostNord’s digital customer service will reply to questions about shipping, invoices, claims, Pacsoft, Skicka Direkt Business, and so on.

How does the custom shipping templates service work?

You import a template, fill it out and upload the file. Once you get the order confirmation, you can print all templates (check them first).