Warehouse Management

The importance of efficient warehouse management can’t be overstated. But what does efficient warehouse management mean in practice, and what can you do to manage your inventory balance?

Make work easier with the right tool

The first thing you need to build is a structured and efficient system to make it easier to manage and maintain your inventory balance. A logistical shelf system which makes it easy to find products when an order is placed is something worth investing in.

With smart solutions and the right tool, your warehouse management will be both quicker and more efficient. That’s why we at PostNord have developed a number of services for businesses. To use them, you need to be a PostNord business client and have a PostNord Portal Business account.

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Services to make inventory management more efficient

When logged into Portal Business you can, among other things, print reports and statistics on incoming and outgoing shipments. The service aims to make inventory management easier for you, and to give you complete control of your inventory balance. You can also make warehouse management more efficient by using our service Skapa Pallrapport; a smart tool to give you an immediate overview of the current pallet balance.

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Avoid inventory balance errors

For the supply chain, or what is known as ‘Supply Chain Management‘, to work from beginning to end, you need to be in full control of your inventory balance. A tiny error is enough to show the wrong balance. This is when the service Skapa Pallrapport is useful.

A correct inventory balance is particularly important in e-commerce. The moment a customer places an order online, the chain begins: click – order confirmation – payment – delivery. If the balance is off, you might need to contact the customer to tell them the product is out of stock, rather than sending the product to them.

With our smart tools, it’s easier to create functional routines to send and receive packages faster. You will also be able to manage returns and claims more efficiently.


Large and small or mid-sized businesses benefit from having clear strategies and routines for inventory management. No matter if you’re a PostNord business client or not, you should have access to the following services:

  • Efficient scheduling of transportation and pickup
  • The ability to track incoming and outgoing shipments
  • The ability to generate reports and view statistics
  • Tools to manage invoices, claims, returns, etc.
  • The ability to notify customers directly

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Frequently asked questions about warehouse management

What does efficient warehouse management mean?

A well-built warehouse program that makes it easy to maintain control over the crucial logistics supply chain spells efficient warehouse management.

Do you offer tools to improve warehouse and inventory management?

PostNord offers multiple tools, including pallet reports, automated notifications and tracking tools, to simplify and improve your warehouse management.

How often should I perform an inventory check?

It depends on the size of your warehouse and its incoming and outgoing flow. Swedish tax laws, however, state that inventory checks should be performed at least once per year.