Wholesale – How it Works

What is wholesale, and how does it work? Does PostNord offer any services to simplify the wholesale process? Below is a guide to what wholesale is, how a wholesale business works, and what ways PostNord can assist you as a wholesaler.

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What is wholesale?

Wholesale means trade with large quantities of products between companies. Wholesalers often purchase in bulk straight from the manufacturer, to then sell the products to distributors, retailers and consumers – either in bulk or, if straight to the consumer, as individual products.

The other end of wholesale is retail. While wholesale means trade in bulk, retail means trade of individual products.

Trade between companies

Wholesale primarily happens between companies (B2B e-commerce) – for example from companies in manufacturing to distributors and retailers. This is because individual consumers rarely have interested in purchasing large quantities of products.

If you run your own store or e-store, or in any way manage a company aimed at selling directly to consumers, wholesale is still a beneficial way to purchase the products you sell. By buying in bulk from a wholesaler, you can expect significantly lower prices compared to buying a single product at a time.

Wholesale and retail simultaneously?

Can a company be involved in both wholesale and retail simultaneously? Certainly. Stores and web shops aimed at private individuals are retailers – but usually do their own shopping from wholesalers.

Among wholesalers, there are also players who do both wholesale – meaning bulk sales to other companies – and retail aimed at individual consumers.

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Wholesale requires excellent logistics – let PostNord help you

Trade in large quantities means higher demands on functional transportation and efficient logistics. PostNord can be of service – with several smart features specifically designed for businesses.

As business clients in PostNord Portal Business, wholesalers can make their product flow better and more efficient with featured like:

  • Schedule pickup and delivery of bulk orders shipped to receivers. The order process is quick and easy, and everything can be conveniently done online. Choose the time and date that works best for you.
  • Purchase shipping online – register a shipment and receiver in Skicka Direkt Business and get all shipping labels at once. You can either print them yourself or have them printed at one of our agents.
  • Keep track of your shipments using the tool Spåra Paket. Follow up on both incoming and outgoing deliveries, make changes to shipments in transit, and view the delivery status of your products.

Don’t have an account in the portal? No problem! It only takes a minute to get one, and it’s of course entirely free. Get your account here.

Frequently asked questions about wholesale

How can PostNord help me as a wholesaler?

As the leading supplier of logistics solutions in the Nordics, PostNord can help you improve your product flow and make it more efficient.

What’s the difference between wholesale and retail?

Wholesale refers to trade in large quantities – so-called batch or bulk goods – while retail is trade of single products.