Retention Time Report

Retention Time Report

Get insights into how long your packages are left at the collection point before they’re picked up by your customers.

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Retention time reports are available for Swedish and Danish collection points

Optimize the hold time in multiple countries! If you ship to customers in Sweden and Denmark you can get a report on how long packages are left at collection points for in both Sweden and Denmark.

The retention time report module is available in the main menu of the portal

The report shows for how many days a MyPack Collect package has been at a Swedish collection point from the day it was registered at the collection point to the day it was picked up by the receiver.

Show the percentage of packages picked up during a chosen period

You can set a time period and even pick client number. By hovering over the columns you also see the number of shipments.

The retention time report is available in PostNord Portal Business which is free

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