For how long will an agent hold a package?

For how long is a package kept at an agent before it’s returned?

The general answer to that question is circa 14 days. The more specific answer is that it varies depending on the choice of supplier, with Bring and DHL having a time limit of 13 days, while Schenker and UPS will hold a package for 9 days. This means that a package sent with Bring or DHL will be returned on day 14, and a package sent with Schenker or UPS will be returned on day 10.

For PostNord agents, 6 days is the standard, which means that a package will be returned on day 7. However, it’s possible to extend the hold time to 13 days, with return on day 14.

Packages are usually returned because they’re not picked up on time. It can also be because the delivery is delayed, which can lead to the customer making a claim and the package being returned.

Is agent and collection point the same thing?

Service point, service place, postal agent, collection point… a loved place has many names. A collection point is the place where the transport company will leave packages from various suppliers and retailers.

A collection point is often located in connection with a supermarket who acts as an agent, but clothes stores and betting stores can also act as agents. However, it’s uncommon for a postal agent to work with multiple suppliers, mostly because of the space required. That’s why it’s important to check what transport companies the various agents or collection points work with.

The agent (or collection point) will store packages until the customer comes and picks them up. That’s why there’s a time limit for how long a package will be held before being sent back.

How to find your closest postal agent

PostNord has around 1500 postal agents and 300 collection points all over Sweden. At these locations, companies and individuals can drop off and collect packages. You can also buy stamps, stuffed envelopes, regular envelopes and other similar products.

Many companies often send large packages which is why the option to store the package in a post box is also offered. Post boxes are typically exempt from the hold time limit and these packages will remain until the customer can collect them (they are not returned after X amount of days). As an agreement client of PostNord, you can book a post box in PostNord Business portal.

Do you also want to get a better overview of your packages?

As a business client of PostNord you get access to the digital tool PostNord Portal Business, which, among other things, gives you a better overview of all your daily deliveries. This includes daily contact with, and updates from, your collection points.

With the help of the business portal you can easily see both shipments and any irregularities. You can also connect automated customer notifications, and view statistics and other practical details. If you’re not already an agreement customer you can create an account here and now to get access to all features in PostNord Business Portal.

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