Last mile logistics service

What is last mile logistics service?

Last-mile logistics is a concept that is strongly associated with E-commerce logistics. What we are talking about is the total experience that encompasses all parts of a chain that starts from the moment the consumer orders a product online, until the product is delivered. What happens on the road is crucial to the buying experience.

From click to delivery

If e-commerce is to reach new heights and really offer 'last mile delivery' that meets consumer demands, it needs more than fast delivery methods. Awareness is growing by the day, and with it the demand for innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly supply options. As a result, 'last mile delivery' should be on everyone's lips, at least in the logistics industry.
In relation to the sustainability focus that pervades society today, there is also every reason to believe that 'the last mile' will soon evolve into 'the green mile'. This is what Pelle Pettersson, head of e-commerce at Cervera, says in this previously published article about the last mile challenge.

Logistics - a core activity in the e-commerce industry

If e-commerce logistics is not already an accepted concept in the e-commerce industry, now is the time. If the logistics don't work, e-commerce doesn't work. At least not as it should.

The logistics chain starts the second the customer orders a product with a click, then makes a payment, receives an order confirmation and later a delivery. Even a possible return and/or complaint should be included in this chain of events, as it must be convenient to send packages.

The whole chain is vital for e-commerce to work as optimally as possible, both for the consumer and for the supplier. In the event that one or more elements do not work, this can affect both customer relations and profitability. In a broader perspective, competitiveness and branding can also be affected.

Rapid growth makes higher demands

Sellers, buyers, logistics companies, IT companies, suppliers - all are affected by the rapid e-commerce growth that seems to be going on all the time. With this comes increased demands for efficient, customer-oriented and sustainable solutions, not least in terms of deliveries but also returns. Consumers simply want even more choice.

This is where the 'last mile' plays a key role, as it poses major challenges for the development of efficient, preferably green, delivery options to end customers. At PostNord, there is therefore continuous development work to develop new, innovative and customer-oriented solutions.

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Frequently asked questions about last mile delivery

What are the developments and digitalisation in retail?

E-commerce is growing by the second, but an online store can never compete with the shopping experience a physical store can offer.

How is China at the forefront?

In parts of China, moving warehouses are managed by artificial intelligence. They can to some extent read out which products will be ordered in a specific area and deliver them immediately.

What measures need to be taken in Sweden in the future?

Logistics, e-commerce, distribution and inventory management need to be managed as one composite process rather than multiple parallel ones. They should be seen as a product process.

What does "the last mile problem" mean?

Last mile is about moving goods from point A to point B. The last mile problem is about the challenges the industry faces for faster and more accurate deliveries.