Start a courier company

Start a courier company

Are you a person who prefers being on the road to working in an office? Then it's possible you're cut out to be a courier - a market in high demand. In this guide, we tell you what to consider when starting your own haulage business.

Financing of the courier company

Start-up capital is a must when starting your own business, and the biggest expense when it comes to starting a haulage business is the car itself. In addition, there are costs for setting up a company, insurance, permits, marketing, software and an accountant. If you don't have enough savings, there are other ways to finance your haulage business, such as through start-up loans or crowdfunding.

Choice of courier vehicle

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for both customers and clients, and a frequent requirement is that the vehicle should be environmentally friendly. Although an environmentally friendly vehicle costs more than a petrol or diesel car, if you don't have one, you could be missing out on commissions. What's more, you can rest assured that you are helping to develop the industry in the right direction.


You can avoid making some mistakes if you read up on the laws that affect your business in one way or another. The Occupational Traffic Act, labour laws, tax laws and accounting laws are just a few examples of laws you should be aware of - most of which you can find online.

Professional traffic permit

To run a delivery company, you need to apply for a professional traffic licence from the Swedish Transport Agency. The Swedish Transport Agency will then check whether you have enough capital to run the business, and you will also have to attach a tax statement and a certificate of exemption from debt. You can only register your car once you have obtained a professional driver's licence.

Become a member of a trade association

As a newcomer to the industry, it can be nice to be able to turn to those who have been around longer than you. By becoming a member of a trade association, you can get help with your questions and learn more about everything from the environment to law.

Find clients for your courier company

Choosing a client is in many cases a matter of taste, and in the haulage industry there are endless possibilities. For example, you could work for a large logistics company and freight their deliveries or find your customers yourself. The main difference between these two options is how you get the assignments and what your working days look like. Larger companies can offer fixed working hours, while a smaller, stand-alone courier company requires more flexibility.

Learn more about the logistics industry

Information is golden when taking your first steps in a new business. If you want to know more about logistics, we recommend that you take a look at the main logistics page; it contains both general information and links to information-packed articles.

Frequently asked questions about starting a courier company

Where do I apply for a professional driver's licence?

You apply for a professional traffic permit at the Swedish Transport Agency, it costs 5700 SEK.

How do I find customers for my courier company?

You can either connect your courier company to a larger logistics company or use marketing to find your customers.

What driving licence do I need to drive a delivery van?

In most cases, a B driving licence is sufficient, but a C driving licence is a great asset.