Transport and logistics

Considerations for transport and logistics

Transport and logistics are central to companies that make sales and regularly transport goods to different recipients - either within Sweden or abroad. Here you will find information on what is important to consider when transporting goods within the country and abroad.

What is transport and logistics?

Transport and logistics is about moving something from a sender to a receiver. From point A to point B. Ideally, this should be done as safely, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And, of course, we want to make our logistics flows as sustainable as possible so that our customers can make informed choices.

As a business owner, the routines and processes related to transport and logistics can often be extensive as there is a lot that needs to be done in several different stages. It's about making sure the right product is delivered to the right recipient safely and on time.

Use a carrier or freight forwarding company

Today, many companies choose to use a carrier or freight forwarding company for the provision of comprehensive transport and logistics services. Both for short transports within Sweden, and for export shipments to other countries. For the vast majority of people, this is much easier and cheaper than transporting goods on their own. Not least because you don't have to invest in expensive trucks and/or other means of transport.

Whether a carrier or freight forwarder is the best choice depends on whether you want help with the freight itself, or also with related services - such as warehousing and administration.

The differences between carriers and freight forwarders can be briefly described as follows:


  • Manages the transport of goods from one place to another
  • Can be used for transport within Sweden and abroad
  • Usually offers no ancillary services

Forwarding companies

  • Organising complete transport solutions with land, sea and air transport
  • Manages warehousing, transit and document management
  • Can act as customs agent for export and import consignments
  • Usually used for organising international transport, but can also be used nationally

Whether a carrier or freight forwarder is the best option for your business depends on your needs. For imports and exports, for example, it may be convenient to hire a freight forwarder, while a carrier may be sufficient for shipping within Sweden. The need for loading, administration and storage also determines which option is most appropriate.

If you are only sending small consignments, you may not need a transport or forwarding company. Often, ordinary postal parcels will suffice, which you can both buy shipping for and track through our PostNord Portal Business features - Skicka Direkt Business and Track & Trace.

Transport and logistics contracts

If you use an external transport or logistics company, it is important to have clear agreements that regulate both delivery conditions and other responsibilities between buyer and seller. This is to clarify who is responsible for things like delays, broken goods, costs and insurance.

For international transport, one or more of the global and standardised delivery terms contained in Incoterms are usually used. Incoterms were developed by the International Chamber of Commerce and contain a total of eleven different terms for different modes of transport.

Remember to specify which of the Incoterms delivery terms apply if they are used in the contract between your company and the carrier or forwarder. Also clarify whether different conditions apply to different parts of the transport chain.

Other responsibilities between the parties are best regulated by general terms and conditions in a separate agreement.

Have a valid transport insurance

Transport insurance provides financial compensation if goods are lost or damaged during any part of the transport. Both you, the buyer, and the transport or logistics company you hire should have transport insurance in place.

The party who bears the risk under the contract is the party whose transport insurance is to compensate for damaged or lost goods.

Simplify transport and logistics with PostNord’s services

PostNord offers several convenient services that simplify transport and logistics for businesses - including smart integration solutions and the ability to book pick-up of outbound shipments for domestic and international transport.
More about our business services can be found in PostNord Portal Business. More logistics articles can be found here.

Frequently asked questions about transport and logistics

How to take out transport insurance?

Transport insurance can be taken out with regular insurance companies. For simplicity, you can use the same company as for other business insurance.

What is logistics?

Logistics is an umbrella term for planning, organising, executing and controlling flows between sender and receiver - for example, the flow of goods.

When is it a good idea to use a freight forwarding company?

A freight forwarding company can be advantageous for large-scale transport of goods and for transport between different countries.