Send newsletters with PostNord – Professional mailings at low cost

Physical newsletters allow you to communicate with both existing and potential customers in a more fun and inspiring way than digital mailings. In PostNord Portal, you can quickly and easily create stylish newsletters and reach thousands of recipients throughout Sweden or within your chosen area.

Curious about how it works? Let us introduce the world's best newsletter service.

  • Upload a PDF of your design - we'll print and distribute
  • Ability to schedule mailings well in advance
  • No address purchases necessary
  • Specify your target audience with several different demographic choices
  • 100% online-based service - less hassle, lower costs

Long live real newsletters!

Digital mailings are all well and good - but isn't there something special about getting real mail in the real mailbox? The readability is better and it feels more unique. For you as a sender, this is great, because physical newsletters are not perceived as spam at all in the same way that digital ones are. The chances of getting your message across are much greater with a printed newsletter in your inbox than an email in your inbox.

At PostNord, we want physical mail - including newsletters - to be around for a long time to come. And for it to work smoothly. That's why we've put together some services that make physical mailing easier for both businesses and individuals. For example, Skapa Utskick for newsletters.

Create newsletters online - we take care of printing and distribution

Skapa Utskick can be found in PostNord Portal. With the service, you can easily create great-looking newsletters in just a few minutes. Although the mailing itself is physical, the tool is entirely online for you as a customer. We take care of all the hassle of printing, addressing, any enveloping and distribution.

So how do you go about it? It's actually quite simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Surf to PostNord Portal and click on Skapa Utskick
  2. Choose the format of your newsletter - postcard, letter or flyer
  3. Attach your own mailing lists or use our demographic samples to specify your target audience
  4. Upload your newsletter as PDF
  5. Specify the desired date for mailing
  6. Complete your order and pay by card

In just a few minutes' work, you can reach up to 30,000 recipients across the country, or within a chosen geographical area. Do you want to specifically target single households? Or affluent families with small children in residential areas? No problem. If you create an addressed mailing for your newsletter, you can specify your recipients based on several different criteria.

Easier than printing yourself. Cheaper than hiring a PR agency.

All newsletters ordered via Skapa Utskick are printed in full colour on good quality, environmentally friendly, untreated paper. If you choose letter format, you can send up to 6 pages, with printing on both sides. Perfect if you have a lot of information to convey to your recipients. Of course, it works just as well to include images.

When you upload your design, you'll also get tips and advice on how best to adapt it to your chosen format. With Skapa Utskick, you retain full control over your mailing and get all the tools you need to become your own PR pro.

It's much easier than printing, enveloping and distributing your newsletters yourself - and much cheaper than having an advertising agency do the work for you.

Location-independent service available to all

With PostNord, you can send physical newsletters from a beach on the other side of the world, the top of a ski slope or from the comfort of your couch. Thanks to the fact that Skapa Utskick is a 100% web-based service, you can communicate with your customers and other recipients from wherever you want. Whenever you want.

In addition, unlike other portal services such as Postbox and our integration solutions - which are only available to our enterprise customers - Skapa Utskick is completely open to everyone. Both companies and individuals. No user account or login is required. As smooth, convenient and user-friendly as possible.

Newsletters generate interest and maintain good customer relations

Never sent a newsletter before but feel tempted to try our tool? Perhaps you are wondering what the purpose of a newsletter is and how it can be used?

Newsletters are an excellent communication tool to keep in touch with existing customers - and to find new ones. It is particularly suitable when you want to convey something to your recipients without doing so with sales advertising. You can keep your contacts up to date with what's going on in your company, let them know about upcoming campaigns or tell them about fun events.

To sum up, newsletters are a perfect way to promote yourself and your business alongside regular advertising. By sending newsletters via Skapa Utskick, you can attract new customers and maintain good relationships with existing ones in a smart, inexpensive and effective way.

Let PostNord help you get started with newsletters. We do it neatly, quickly and affordably.

Frequently asked questions about sending newsletters

Who can send newsletters with Skapa Utskick?

Create mailing is available to everyone. The service can be used by both individuals and businesses.

When are newsletters sent out?

It's entirely up to you, the customer, to decide. Distribution will take place on the date you choose for distribution.

Why send physical newsletters instead of digital ones?

Physical newsletters are easier to read, feel more personal and can be made more accurate. They are also not perceived as spam in the same way.