Portal updates June 2023

More smart functions in the Portal

We have added Pallet as a new shipping service in Skicka Direkt Business E-commerce

All PostNord's pallet types are now available to add and configure in the section where you add shipping services for your e-commerce integration to Skicka Direkt Business. Pallet is then available as a choice for your customers in your e-commerce checkout and incoming shipping reservations can be booked in Skicka Direkt Business or in a connected external platform.

Go to E-commerce tab in portal

Amazon Sweden uses our APIs to create returns with QR code

PostNord and Amazon had a relationship long before Amazon opened an online store in Sweden in 2021. Returns were previously handled the usual way with paper labels that required returning customers to have access to printers, but now Amazon Sweden in co-lab with PostNord has given its e-consumers an even better experience. The digital return quickly became popular with customers and is now here to stay.

Read more about Amazons digital return solution via PostNord

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New filtering and sorting function available in Contracts module
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New flexibility for your receivers
Your customers can now chose to steer a service point parcel (Collect) to a parcel locker via the PostNord App!

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