See the cost overview of a shipment in Track & Trace

Information on costs for a shipping assignment in the feature Track & Trace

Users with access to both Track & Trace and Invoices in Portal Business can now access a cost overview for a specific shipment via the detailed view of the shipment. Simply open the detailed view by clicking on a shipment in Track & Trace.

The full shipment costs are shown after taxation is complete

The various cost elements of the shipment can only be seen once taxation has been completed in the PostNord system, which happens two-three working days after the first scan.

Depending on your invoice period an additional few days may apply before the invoice specification number or OCR number are visible.

In some situations, costs are split into several parts. This can for example be when a return has happened on the same tracking number, or if there are additional fees for example for the rental of storage space. In these cases the various parts can end up on different invoice numbers.

Costs for the main product and various add-on services are shown separately. Add-on services can be ordered by you or by PostNord, for example in the case of fees related to storage space, EDI problems or measurement and weight differences.

Add-on fees for fuel, sulfur, currency and credit are also accounted for on separate rows.

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