12 Things to Consider When Streamlining Your e-commerce Store

1. Packaging
Mailbox, boxes, weight agent

2. Choose a parcel pickup point that suits your customer's delivery area
Let your customer choose the point of delivery

3. Checkout options in your online store
Is there support for different shipping options?

4. Produce parcel labels
How is easy is this? What training is required to become an advanced user?

5. Collection of today’s parcels
What time, options to deliver to an agent, easy to book?

6. Keep customers informed about the delivery process
E-mail, SMS, App, Letter with your own logo and text or that of the shipping company?

7. Deal with questions associated with the delivery
Expected time spent looking for parcels, what channel can you use for support? Phone, e-mail, none?

8. Risk of return management?
Have you calculated the return rate and the cost of returns? What can you do to minimize the number of returns?

9. Once your customer has accepted the delivery
What do you want to do when your customer has received their parcel? Send an option to rate or give feedback? Offer a discount on their next purchase?

10. Control over shipping costs
Is it easy for you to get an overview of the costs of transportation? Are you using an ideal shipping solution?

11. Time spent managing complaints and returns
Managing returns is easier when you can view a history and communicate with the client directly

12. Quality
Can you see the quality of all your deliveries?