Book collection of Returns

Return Pickup

Your customers can easily send returns up to 2500 kg when you use the PostNord Return Pickup service. Our driver can bring a label when they collect the shipments if your customer is unable to print one themselves.

Return Pickup is an add-on service in Skicka Direkt Business.

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  • You provide your customer with a pre-paid shipping document for returns that you generate via Skicka Direkt Business.
  • Your customer who is sending a return books the collection of the return via the booking page.
  • Your customer can make flexible collection choices for their return.

Learn more about measurements and weight of returns

Your customer can easily book their return shipment via our booking page.

See what your customer's booking page looks like

Once approved the customer gets an order confirmation and can view their shipping documents.

They will see all generated shipping notes and can print them all. You can easily check each shipping note by clicking the package number.

Detailed information about one of the shipments.