Order shipping automatically when a customer buys from you

With Skicka Direct Business Integrations, you can connect your online store to PostNord Skicka Direct Business. You configure the shipping options that you want shown in your checkout, and when a customer makes a purchase that shipment is automatically ordered from us. Now all you need to do is log in to Skicka Direct Business an print your label.

In Portal Business you can then handle everything related to your business with PostNord. Book pickups, track your shipment, make changes en-route, fetch reports and invoice copies, and notify the customer regarding their shipment.

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Store connections are handled in "eCommerce" inside Skicka Direct Business

By default, you need to be a company Admin to see this tab. Ask your company admin for access if you need it.

Create a store connection to get started

If you have more than one online store, you’ll most likely have separate eCommerce instances set up for them. Create a new store connection, and we’ll set up a connection point to one of your stores.

Choose your Platform

Supported platforms

Right now, we support store using Klarna Checkout. As long as you have Klarna shipping assistant up and running, your store should be compatible. But we’re hard at work adding integrations directly to several platforms platforms, including WooCommerce, Prestashop and many more. Stay tuned!

If you have WooCommerce, you can implement Klarna Shipping Assistant using this plugin.

Name your store so you can find it in the tool later, and choose which registered company you want shipments to be ordered for.

Add your sender information

Choose which of your customer numbers and which sender address you want the connection to use when placing shipping orders automatically. Use the search box to choose an existing sender.

Save your Key and ID and enter it into your eCommerce tool

Now you have the secret identifiers you’ll need to enter into your eCommerce platform to complete the connection. These only get shown to you once, so save them. Where this information needs to be entered will depend on your platform. For Klarna, you need to do so in Klarna Shipping Assistant. Contact your eCommerce platform’s support for assistance inside the platform.

Set up your delivery methods

Now you can create the shipping alternatives that your customer will have access to. Shipping services are the PostNord services that will be ordered via the order integration (e.g. MyPack Collect or PostNord Parcel). These are shown as different Delivery methods (To door, To mailbox, To service point). You can also create a delivery method for the customer to collect their order at your store, which of course does not lead to any shipping order at PostNord.

Create a delivery method and choose how the customer can choose to receive their package (e.g. to mailbox). Now you can check the box(es) for the specific delivery services that you want available. Enter price and VAT, and then you can save your delivery method. But there are many more customization options for delivery methods that we recommend exploring.

Customize your delivery methods

Delivery methods can be customized in many ways. For example, you can add additional services.

You can set threshold values ​​for the customer to be offered free shipping based on the entire cart value (e.g. free shipping over 500 SEK), via advanced price settings.

You can also control which shipping services are displayed when, by setting minimum or maximum values ​​for the weight and cart value. This can also be used to affect the visibility of the entire delivery method. For example. you could make sure that only customers who buy for more than 500 SEK should be able to choose home delivery, by ensuring that the shipping service(s) that are under delivery to door are set not to be displayed if the total value of the goods is less than SEK 500.

If you include more than one shipping service per delivery method (e.g. if you check both MyPack Home Small and Varubrev), all the cheked options will be visible to the customer, provided that the shipment meets the basic requirements for the shipping service in question (e.g. applicable weight, recipient country and a recipient who is a company/consumer). You will see these basic requirements if you expand the shipping service box (icons indicate whether it is a private-recipient service or a business-recipient service). But you can control this logic further using the price and weight limits mentioned above, such as swapping one service for another if the value of the shopping cart is below a certain amount.

Print labels for your shipments

As customers make purchases and choose your shipping options, shipping orders will appear inside your store connection page. Here you can also view the order details, add the final weight of the shipment where needed, and print the label for the shipment. You can also remove orders you don’t need.

Time to test!

You should now get shipping labels registered in Skicka Direct Business automatically, whenever a customer makes a purchase and chooses the shipping option you configured. You can print these shipping labels inside the tool.