Download Shipment List

Download Your Shipment List

You can generate an Excel file with all your shipments in just a few simple clicks

If you have unregistered cargo and want to return it, it’s good to know that you can print a shipment list, meaning an excerpt of your history regarding what was shipped on the given date.

Follow the guide below to see how easily you can download your shipment list.

Take a quick look by scrolling down in the guide.

skicka spårbart

Choose EDI in the top left

Click on EDI inside the Track & Trace feature in the portal.

Select the date you want

Click on the date to mark all shipments and you will see a new row at the top where you can select Export.

Choose the download format

Supported formats are Excel and CSV. In this case we choose Excel and download the file to our computer.

The name of the file appears at the bottom

In Windows, the file is located at the bottom of the menu and can be found in the Downloads folder.

Voila. This is what the file looks like.

Simple and easy to use. Your summary of shipments is done.