EDI Reports

Avoid unnecessary costs.

Check out the short guide on how to view quality reports for EDI.
In the portal you can subscribe to view quality reports of EDI issues, scroll down to the end of the guide below to see how.

Go to EDI Report in the portal

You’ll find the EDI reports in the Reports tab to the left on the portal home page.

In the top right corner you’ll find EDI Reports.

Select the period you wish to view.

Select the company you wish to see reports for. You can then click on each shipment number on the list.

It is now possible to subscribe to EDI-emails via the EDI report without having to use the automation function.

Business administrators can inform what email adresses they would like the information to be sent to. When activated, a compiled EDI problem email is sent to the added email addresses once per day, containing EDI problems from the last 24 hours.

EDI quality reports are included in PostNord Portal Business which is free

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