Order a Subscription for Mail Pickup

Subscription for pickup of mail and consignment notes"

You can order and manage the pickup of mail and consignment notes in the portal. This means that we will go to your pickup address within the same time frame every working day to pick up your letters and CMR:s.

The service is a subscription in which you can easily gather all outgoing deliveries from you and have them picked up at the address of your choice. Super simple.

Go to Mail Pickup in the portalGo to Mail Delivery in the portal

1. Postservices

Go to Postservices and select Mail Pickup & Delivery in the menu.

2. Your Subscription

Choose between the buttons Order Mail Pickup or Order Delivery, thereafter you can manage your subscriptions.

3. Client Number and Address

Select the client number you wish to use and enter the address where pickup will take place.

4. Choose criteria for the pickup

Fill out the criteria of the chosen client number, such as pickup time, start date and any add-on services. You can choose Mail pickup or Mail delivery when it’s picked up.

5. Summary

Before you’re done you will see a summary in which you approve of the terms to continue. Here, you will see the pickup address, invoice address and total cost.

6. Order Confirmation

Your order is confirmed and a brief overview of what happens next is shown. The pickup will take place on the date you selected and our delivery driver will bring you empty boxes or bags. The pickup is invoiced monthly in advance and your first invoice will be sent on the start date you’ve chosen.

Booking mail pickup is a subscription service available in PostNord Portal Business.

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