QR-returns for domestic shipments

Now you can generate QR returns for domestic shipments within Sweden when it comes to MyPack Collect, MyPack Home and Varubrev. At creation of this return the requesting customer will be presented a QR code. This code can be sent to the return sender through e-mail, text (SMS), or can be saved/copied to manually send it to the return sender. The QR code is then used at a service point, who will print the return waybill. This can be attached to the parcel and handed in at the spot. Please note that the text (SMS) being sent contains a link which must be opened in a browser, so this only works with smartphones.

Avoid return labels in every parcel – good for the environment!

If you use these QR return codes it means return shipments only have to be created when needed, which eliminates the need to send a pre-printed return waybill in every parcel.

Works for all TA systems and with our booking API

Track & Trace fetches shipment information based on customer number, no matter how the shipments were created. The shipments which are eligible for QR returns could therefore be created in several different TA systems.

T&T calls a booking API to generate the QR code, and this API is open for use, so if you are already using our booking API, you can use this service at your own end as well.

You can find the functionality in the Actions-button within the Track & Trace module.

Which return services are used for the QR returns, based on original shipment services?

If you for example sent a MyPack Collect, the QR return will generate a Return Drop Off shipment.

MyPack Collect -> Return Drop Off = Same measurement/weight limits

MyPack Home -> Return Drop Off = Maximum weight drops from 35 kg to 20 kg, maximum length drops from 175 cm to 150 cm. Otherwise the terms are the same.

Varubrev -> Varubrev Return = Same measurement/weight limits

Cost for the add-on Print Digital Return

The add-on Print Digital Return which enables printing at a service point costs 4 SEK for Return Drop Off and Varubrev Return.

Good for you, good for your customer, good for the environment.