See Costs for a Shipment in Track & Trace

Information on Costs and Accounting
for a Shipment Task in the Feature Track & Trace

For users who have access to both Track & Trace and Invoices in Portal Business it is now possible to view cost and accounting details for an individual shipment via the details menu of the shipment. Simply open the details view by clicking on a shipment in Track & Trace.

Total costs are only shown after
taxation has taken place

The various cost components of a shipment can only be viewed once taxation is complete in the PostNord system, which will happen 2-3 working days after the first scan.

Depending on your invoice period it can take another couple of days before the invoice
specification number and OCR number are visible.

In some situations the costs are divided into several parts. This will for example happen in
case of a return of the same tracking number, or when additional fees apply, for example
warehouse rental. In these cases the various parts may show on separate invoice numbers.

The costs of the main product and various add-on services are accounted for separately.
Add-on services may be ordered or created by PostNord, for example fees for warehouse
rental, EDI issues or unique measurements and weights.

Add-on fees for fuel, sulphur, currencies and credit are also accounted for on individual

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