Store Solutions with ready-made Templates

Templates for Store Solutions

Create a store solution with PostNord Portal Businessusing ready-made templates and the authority to send shipments.

Step 1: Register the sender for shipments

Step 2: Register the receiver of shipments

Step 3: Create templates

Step 4: Register users

Follow the guide below to see how easy it is

1. Register Sender

Here’s an example of 3 stores that belong to the same company, but which have their own customer numbers with PostNord, and their own e-mail addresses.

The address tab in Send Direct Business

This is where you register your senders

Enter facts

In the portal you’ll find all client numbers and you can easily select the one to use for each store.

2. Register Receiver

Here are all the receivers in our example, including the return warehouse of the head office.

New receiver

You add receivers in the same place you add senders. If you have many receivers you can upload an Excel file.

3. Create Templates

In the example we create several templates per store based on what we want them to be able to do. Using a solid naming structure for the templates is always a good idea, to make it easier to know which template should be used.

The templates tab in Send Direct Business

This is the tab you create templates in.

Complete template

This is what it looks like once you’ve entered the criteria for your template.

Register users per store

Examples of the information needed to register a user.

4. Create New Sender

You’ll find this feature in Company Settings in the lefthand side menu of the portal. In this example each store has their own client number.

Create new user

We choose the authority level and whether the user should only be able to use templates or have free access. Once done, a login e-mail is sent to the user who then chooses a password and can log in to the portal.