Integration for e-commerce platform Abicart

What is order connection for Abicart?

The order connection between PostNord and Abicart, formerly Textalk, is a connection between your web store and the PostNord shipping service. Rather than spending time and resources on manually ordering shipping, all details are automatically sent to PostNord whenever someone makes a purchase from your web store. Your only task regarding shipping is to make sure the product is sent. The solution also gives your customers a better user experience, and a more positive impression of your business, as the delivery is tailored to their needs and wishes. The integration is part of Abicart Pro – as long as you already have Pro, you only pay for the actual shipping.

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Would you rather like to build your own order connection? We have API’s for shipment booking and a lot more. If you prefer a simpler solution you can also place multiple shipment orders at once via a CSV file exported from your e-commerce system.

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