PostNord integration for e-commerce platform Askås

What is the PostNord order connection for Askås?

Order connection for Askås is a technical solution that connects your web store to a shipping solution, for example Skicka Direkt Business. In practice, our delivery options are presented on the checkout page when your customer makes their payment, and once the purchase has been confirmed the details are sent to PostNord automatically.

For you, this means that you don’t have to deal with resource consuming tasks related to shipping as everything is handled automatically. You can then spend more time and money on running your business, while the customer has their wishes regarding shipping met. The integration is free to install and use, all you pay is the shipping costs.

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Why should I use the PostNord integration for Askås?

Using PostNord order connection for Askås is a smooth and efficient approach to streamline your business. Unlike outsourcing shipping, you get access to tools that put you in control of all shipments. The solution also means that you can tailor your services based on the customer’s needs and wishes, as they choose how the package should be delivered. By creating the order connection your job not only gets easier, but also a lot more fun, as you can focus on the areas you excel in.

How do I set up the connection between PostNord and Askås?

Setting up the PostNord integration for Askås is a simple process, and we help you from start to finish.

  1. Get Skicka Direkt Business & Klarna Shipping Assistant
    Create a free business account with Skicka Direkt Business, it only takes a minute. Next, get the Klarna delivery selector[JD(C1] and integrate it with your Askås store.
  1. Schedule an onboarding session
    In Skicka Direkt Business, schedule a meeting with one of our team members at a time that suits you. We will contact you at the agreed time, to help you with the technical stuff. Further down this page you can read more about the process. Or, you can get started yourself here.
  1. The integration is ready to use
    The order connection has now been set up. Shipping details will be sent automatically to PostNord whenever one of your customers make a purchase.

Who can use the PostNord integration for Askås?

PostNord order connection for Askås is suitable if you run a web store and want to simplify shipping. By using PostNord’s solution, the administrative work and logistics related to shipping is automated, giving your customers more options regarding delivery. The end result is happier customers and a great day for you and your staff.

How does the integration work?

The integration is set up by following these steps:


  1. PostNord is integrated with Klarna Shipping Assistant, which should already be set up in your store.
    Get started here, or schedule free onboarding and we’ll help you.
  1. Enter the shipping methods for your customers to choose between, and what PostNord shipping services you want to map them against.
  1. The order connection is ready and shipping orders are placed automatically when the customer completes a purchase at checkout. You can then print the shipping notes in Skicka Direkt Business.

PostNord does not charge anything for the integration, nor for the onboarding meeting.

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