Integration solution for those with a website for trade between private individuals

Digital marketplace?

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If you’re running a trading platform for private individuals (C2C) you can optimize your users’ experience by becoming a Digital Affiliate and provide our shipping tool in exchange for a commission. You can offer simple and efficient shipping directly on the platform without the need to order any shipping services yourself. You can also become a contracted partner of PostNord and provide our services according to your own pricing directly on the marketplace.

Three solutions for digital market places

Acting as a Digital Affiliate?

Being an affiliate of PostNord means that, if you run your own website for trade between private individuals, you can offer your users smooth and efficient shipping services via your own platform. For example, a person who sells a product to another person can easily purchase delivery via PostNord, print the shipping label and send the package. As the host of the platform you don’t need to order any shipping services yourself, nor manage any practical aspects of shipment purchases from users.

How does the solution for C2C platforms work?

You improve the overall experience of your digital marketplace by offering shipping directly in connection with the purchase of a product from one individual to another.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When the user buys a product the seller can order shipping via a seamless integration with PostNord’s services.
  2. The buyer’s and seller’s addresses and details are automatically scanned.
  3. Once the seller has ordered shipping they are sent back to your platform.
  4. The seller can then print the shipping label and leave the package at the closest post office.

In other words, the buyer can choose delivery method when making the purchase, which improves the shopping experience. The buyer can then easily track the package in our app or directly on your platform if you prefer.

The seller can easily schedule pickup and print the shipping label which also contributes to a sense of efficiency on your platform. What happens if the seller doesn’t have a printer? They can print the shipping label at a package collection point instead. This is practical and appreciated by many.

What about yourself? Well, you don’t need to do anything at all when a purchase takes place. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Apply for a C2C solution for your digital marketplace

We are constantly looking for new partners who want to be our Digital Affiliates. If you’re interested, enter your details and we’ll contact you.

Information about how PostNord handles your personal details, and about your rights under current data protection laws, can be found in the PostNord privacy policy.

Advantages of being a Digital Affiliate for PostNord

If you run a C2C platform for trade between private individuals there are several advantages to being a Digital Affiliate for PostNord.

  • Avoid paying for shipping – you are an agent rather than a seller, which means less hassle, fewer obligations and reduced expenses. Focus on your core business instead!
  • A better user experience – offer shipping/delivery straight from your website in connection with the purchase.
  • Everything in one place – your users can purchase shipping straight from your platform.
  • Quick and safe – when a seller orders shipping, all details are already filled out from the start.
  • Simple integration – we help you get started.

By integrating our services on your platform, the seller gets a smooth and simple user experience without ever leaving your website. The seller is the one paying for all shipping, straight from us. This means that we take full responsibility for the delivery agreement. You can focus on your marketplace and don’t need to spend time on shipping.

Who can be a Digital Affiliate?

Digital Affiliate is a partnership between you and PostNord, great for people who run a platform for trade between individuals, C2C. This can for example be an e-commerce platform where users can buy and sell second hand items. Another example is a platform where individuals can sell crafts and ornaments to other individuals. Or, it can be an online marketplace for antiques, art and collector’s items. Just to name a few use cases.

It’s not, however, relevant if you sell your own products. You can then instead use our services straight from PostNord Skicka Direkt Business, our integrations or via our API.

How can my marketplace get this solution?

Getting started as a Digital Affiliate for PostNord is easy. Enter your details in the form on this page, or send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you.

We know that every C2C platform is unique. That’s why we build the solution for your website and our shipping system Skicka Direkt Business together.

Once this is done we run a test together to ensure that everything is working as it should, and that all security measures are in place. Of course you will be given all the relevant information as we get started. Once everything is set up, you don’t really need to do anything. Even the shipping costs are automatically updated by us.

Tradera is a Digital Affiliate and offers an integrated shipping solution from PostNord as part of their user experience. The user buys shipping straight from PostNord so that Tradera can focus on their marketplace.

Studentapan is a Digital Affiliate offering integrated shipping purchases for students who sell course literature to one another.