Integrate PostNord with e-commerce platform Quickbutik

Our partner Airlectra has developed a plugin for both Quickbutik Standard and Quickbutik Pro. You can test run them below. If you need assistance, contact Airlectra or check out their FAQ for Quickbutik Standard or FAQ for Quickbutik Pro.

Get the plugin from our partner Airlectra

What is order connection for Quickbutik?

The order connection for Quickbutik was made for web stores that use Quickbutik as their e-commerce platform. This all-inclusive solution creates a direct link between the shopping cart of the web store and the shipping solutions from PostNord in Skicka Direkt Business. The customer is given the option to choose between various delivery methods, and once the purchase is made the shipping details are automatically sent straight to PostNord.

This significantly reduces your work tasks related to shipping, by making a previously resource heavy job practically do itself. With the order connection you can streamline your business while simultaneously giving your customers a better overall impression of your company.

Why should I use the PostNord integration for Quickbutik?

A simple way to reduce the resources spent on shipping and delivery management is to automate large parts of the process. With the PostNord integration for Quickbutik the two platforms are connected, sending shipping details straight to PostNord whenever a customer completes a purchase. Other than the fact that the solution allows you to focus on other tasks, it also allows you to create a better customer experience, one that makes people want to return to your store.

When your web store is connected to Skicka Direkt Business, your customers get to choose for themselves how and when their product is to be delivered, and include any add-ons. This complete solution helps you offer a more flexible user experience, without lifting a finger.

How do I set up the order connection between PostNord and Quickbutik?

Connecting PostNord to Quickbutik does not require any previous knowledge – our partner will hold your hand throughout the entire process.

How to get started:

  1. Get Skicka Direkt Business
    First, you need to create a business account in Skicka Direkt Business, it’s free and only takes a minute.
  2. Get the plugin from Airlectra
    Learn more and access the test version here

Who can use the PostNord order connection for Quickbutik?

The PostNord integration for Quickbutik is made for all web stores that sell physical products to deliver to customers. The order connection works for all types of businesses, and there are no requirements regarding the number of products you sell on a daily basis. The solution allows you to free up resources previously spent on shipment handling, so that you can focus on developing your business.

What do I do?

  1. Get the plugin from Airlectra – There’s also a free test version
  2. Install and configure the plugin – Airlectra will assist you
  3. You’re all set up!

Get the Quickbutik plugin

Get the plugin from Airlectra
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