Freight integration between PostNord and ERP system G5 from Monitor

Our partner is currently developing an order link to Monitor’s ERP system G5. You can register your interest below, and we’ll update you when it’s ready!

What is order coupling for G5?

With an order integration to Monitor G5, you can place shipping orders directly from your ERP system. This saves you valuable time compared to entering shipping details for individual shipments.

If you want, you can then follow up and track the shipment in PostNord Portal Business – because shipments created via the integration also end up in your Portal account. So you can use the workflow that’s most convenient for you.

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There are even more options!

The list of our integration solutions is growing all the time. Below are more ways to simplify the running of your e-commerce business.

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Want to build your own order link instead? Then we have APIs for freight booking and much more. If you want a simpler solution, you can also place multiple shipping orders at once via a CSV file you export from your e-commerce system.

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