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Order Connection to Prestashop via Plugin

PostNord’s integration solution for Prestashop is an effective tool to automate shipping related tasks. The solution means that your web store and PostNord’s shipping solutions are connected, sending all shipping details straight to PostNord when your customers make a purchase.

Automate shipment orders to save time

Our partner is offering this plugin to automatically place shipment orders whenever your customers buy something from the Prestashop checkout. Read on and subscribe below.

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What is the PostNord shipping integration for Prestashop?

The integration reduces the risk of errors when information is transferred manually, but it also gives your customers more delivery options to choose from. This, in turn, leads to more purchases. The shipping integration streamlines your business, optimizes your resources, and gets your customers to return – again and again.

Why should I use the PostNord integration for Prestashop?

Everyone who runs a web store have a common goal: to sell. But when sales increase the business also becomes more resource demanding, especially when it comes to shipping. With the PostNord integration for Prestashop your daily work becomes much easier – we take care of the complex work for you no matter how many products you sell.

In practice, the solution means that we present various delivery options to the customer when they shop at your store, to adapt the shipping to what the customer wants. Information is then sent automatically to our platform Skicka Direkt Business where you get a great overview of all your deliveries. Your only task regarding shipping is to make sure the products leave your store. Setting up and using the plugin for Prestashop involves a small fee (visit our partner’s product page for more information), but you don’t pay anything per shipping label – only for the plugin and the actual shipping costs.

How do I integrate PostNord with Prestashop?

Our partner Prestashopsupport.se offers a plugin for Prestashop to manage the order connection. This is the best option if you want to run Prestashop’s checkout or integrate directly with the platform. The plugin is available here.

If you use Klarna Checkout you can activate Klarna delivery selector (Klarna Shipping Assistant, KSA) and connect to KSA as an alternative. In this case the integration is not with Prestashop, but with Klarna Shipping Assistant. You’ll find more information about the Klarna integration here.

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How do I set up the integration?

The integration is set up through the following steps:

  1. Get the plugin from our partner.
  1. The plugin is activated in your Prestashop environment.
  1. The integration solution has been set up and can now be configured. Purchases at checkout with delivery options generates shipping labels in Skicka Direkt Business, under “My shipments”.

PostNord does not charge any fee for the integration, see our partner’s website for current prices for the plugin.

Who can use the PostNord plugin for Prestashop?

PostNord’s shipping integration is suitable for those who use the e-commerce platform Prestashop and want to free up resources otherwise spent on logistics and administration related to shipping. The plugin, in combination with PostNord’s all-in-one solution, makes it so that you can automate the shipping process rather than outsourcing or managing the tasks yourself. That way you save both time and money, and your customers get a more tailored shopping experience.

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Would you rather like to build your own order connection? We have API’s for shipment booking and more. If you prefer a simpler solution you can also place multiple shipment orders at once via a CSV file exported from your e-commerce system.

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