Order connection between PostNord and e-commerce system Shopify.

What is the shipping integration for Shopify?

Our shipping integration for Shopify is a Shopify app that connects your web store to the shipping solutions in Skicka Direkt Business. Currently, the Shopify app allows you to create shipments inside Shopify super quick, based on the delivery methods you’ve created in Skicka Direkt Business. No more manual entering of customer details, as these are collected from Shopify automatically. Next, go to Skicka Direkt Business to print the shipping labels. A delivery selector for your checkout page is also included, and soon shipment orders will be placed automatically in the app.

Other than giving your customers more options regarding how and when their products are delivered, this reduces the administrative and logistical work you previously had to do yourself. The solution is great for large and small companies, and a perfect addition if you want to make your business more efficient and quickly increase turnover.

Ready-made Shopify apps from our partners

Why should I use the PostNord integration for e-platform Shopify?

If a web store is the core of your business, your company will become more efficient if you use the PostNord order connection for e-commerce platform Shopify. Ordering and managing the shipment of goods requires resources, but with this integration you free up more time to focus on other tasks. The integration also gives you more control over all shipments. In the platform Skicka Direkt Business you get a complete overview of all your company’s shipments, regardless if they’re incoming or outgoing. Your customers are also given more delivery options to choose from, which leads to more sales.

Rather than ordering shipping manually, and manually entering the customer’s details, everything is collected straight from Shopify. The delivery selector lets you display the exact shipping methods you want to offer for the types of purchases made by the customer. Ordering shipping for the client only takes a few clicks, then all you need to do is print the shipping labels in Skicka Direkt Business. Soon, automated shipment purchases will be added to the app.

How do I set up the integration between PostNord and Shopify?

Get the plugin our partner has built, from the Shopify app store. On the product pages above you’ll find support from each partner.

How to integrate PostNord with Shopify:

  1. Get Skicka Direkt Business
    Create a business account, it’s quick and free.
  2. Get the app from Shopify’s app store
  3. In Skicka Direkt Business, create a new store connection to get a unique connection code and ID
  4. Configure the app in Shopify – enter the key and ID from Skicka Direkt Business when asked to do so

Get the Shopify app for PostNord

Our partner will help you if you have any questions or need assistance. Contact details are found on each information page above.

How is the shipping integration set up?

You create the integration in a few simple steps:

1. Get and install the app in Shopify
2. Create an order connection profile in Skicka Direkt Business
3. Enter the connection code and ID in the app settings

Who can use the PostNord shipping integration for Shopify?

Du som använder e-handelsplattformen Shopify kommer dra nytta av PostNords orderkoppling. När du sammankopplar plattformarna automatiseras de logistiska och administrativa arbetsuppgifter du tidigare behövde utföra själv. Förutom att det leder till att du sparar tid och andra resurser kan din webbshop växa i en snabbare takt – oavsett verksamhetens befintliga storlek.

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We’re always looking for collaborations with integrators who want to build and offer plugins and connections to our services. Get in touch!

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Would you rather build your own order connection? We have API’s for shipment bookings and a lot more. If you prefer a simpler solution you can also add multiple shipment orders at once via a CSV file exported from your e-commerce system.

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